family celebrations

50th wedding anniversary for Chris’s aunt and uncle. Unfortunately his mum still in hospital so couldn’t go. V convivial.

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athletics medals

Well done SB :) including gold for high jump :) FB_IMG_1431283227483

we still love schleich animal


bb art



My aunt from Canada visited with one of my cousins. We spent some time with her and my parents.Jpeg Jpeg

new instrument

Bb has been asking to learn the guitar for a bit, so we have a tutor that came to us and a borrowed guitar. Happy girl


life _ weds4ed

Jpeg Jpeg choice chambers, chatting and sushiJpeg

First paper sat!

Today sb did the first igcse paper for geog. We have had a bit of a song and dance with her original centre so she is sitting the cie pair somewhere new arranged over this weekend. Stress city!

Revision continues as 3 more papers this week


Oop north

Tour de Yorkshire and birthday parties



pictures of the week