Introducing fudge!

Bb managed to persuade us some time ago that she could have a hamster when her bedroom was finished. So we got her a huge cage and accessories and then took her to choose her hamster. She was soooooo excited!

Since then she has fed, cared for, played with and generally adored fudge.

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Spanish en famille exchange week 1

Jpeg Jpeg JpegnoFB_IMG_1437075252295Oh my goodness! We are in progress in our second en famille exchange! Our first one was with frb in france in 2013-2014 and we are now hosting a Spanish daughter SpD. It all happened rather suddenly so no forewarning blog posts! We are hosting first and looking forward to the journey again :) currently it isn’t definite that SB is going back as there are a number of other things outside of our control. She would like to! Last Wednesday we had a weds4ed with friends whilst Chris went to pick up SpD and her mother. We looked atChemistry periodic table, atomic structure and ionic bonds. Using fruit :) when SpD arrived with her mum we all made cranes and decorated gingerbread biscuits. JpegJpeg We had a relaxed evening, got to know SpD and her mother, who seemed very lovely and SB and Bb both were relaxed in her company. The next day she went home and all the family went on a trip to the zoo. I think they had a good time :) and on Friday the big girls went shopping with some of SB’s friends and her boyfriend. Unfortunately SpD didn’t find any trainers but did buy some other girly things.

Saturday we went out for the day. We are planning to do a history project on Victorians forwards. So we went for a Victorian day t English heritage. It was a lovely day to mooch around the house and have apicnic

These pictures are all over the place! Need the laptop to sort them out!

The rest of the week we have baked together,  cooked dinner, watched harry potter, played board games and crafted. I hope SpD enjoys her time with us.

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Keeping our rabbits safe

Rabbits without a burrow don’t have all they need for thermoregulation. Burrows are relatively warm compared to outside in winter and relatively cool in summer.

Unfortunately a work colleague lost her Guinea pigs to sunstroke this week. So it is worth remembering.

Our bunnies have a great home for winter. We set it up so the back half has perspex over all the mesh and roof and the front half is open with the option on v wintry days to put down a thick plastic cover over all the front. There is a solid roof. It is nice and snuggly in winter. We always cover the slab floor with shavings as well as the hutch as you can clean much better. The run is an aviary and the size is what the RSPCA recommends. Best of all though for the summer is that it is shaded for most of the day.

We have asmall run on the lawn too which they go in early eve to nibble grass. Not quite big enough for 3 but they don’t spend all day and night in it. It has a shaded area too.

In the summer we use cold water, make sure we have at least 2 water bottles changed daily. Drape damp cloths on mesh to make a cool zone. We are scrupulous with cleaning cage as well to minimise risk of fly strike.

Think of your furry pets in this ht weather.

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Some weds4eds

We have been in a post exam somnolence! Exacerbated by the hot dreamy weather! SB is seeing how quickly she can watch all 6 series of pretty little liars ( lots of openings there for discussion!) And finished her arts award presentation.

We have had Two fab weds4ed. The first we fired our claywork in an incinerator. It was not entirely successful :) but it was instructive!

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SB did her lesson for arts award which was based on wirework. This was great fun and we all enjoyed it :) some great birds made too. Think our friend Zoe would have loved doing it.


Last session was all about colour! We got back into science with a chemistry recap, doing adiffusion and a chromatography experiment . we are going to work along the chem igcse syllabus ( hopefully) . then we chilled in the garden doing bubble painting :)

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Kentwell 2015

We did only 4 days this year, and SB only 3 due to judo grading! It seemed a bit odd being so short. I didn’t take many photos and they need uploading from camera rather than being on the tablet ( and I am way behind with ‘life’ so not holding breath) lovely weather, adored being on the dyers.

If you haven’t been to a kentwell recreation day, you really should!

Aftermath shot…

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Last exam!

Yay! All done for this year!! SB has completed her igcse in biology, geography and French. This exam completed her GCSE in classical civilisation. She worked really hard – so has a well done book budget :) (actually on being offered a well done for working hard something she chose books) although some of her friends are getting money for a/a* we prefer to reward the work under difficult circumstances!

Well done SB!


Parental visit

My parents came up for the weekend, which is always lovely :) we were going to celebrate with a Chinese on the Friday, but SB had something on with air cadets so we moved that to the sat.

Saturday we spent crafting and getting things ready for the village fête. Even dad did! Though instead of 5 decorated cupcakes he ate so many he only had 4… He got second prize tho! ( spoiler!)

Sunday we went to the craft show. SB came first for her decorated cookies, and bb got a fair sprinkle of second and thirds. Lovely relaxing day!

We also played board games and crib and made the most of our family time. The Chinese was scrumptious!

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Home ed day 2015

Ok, I can’t not do this this year! I have been blogging a random home ed day every year since 2004. 10 years!
Like all this month, sb has been concentrating on exam work. She has completed 3igcse : French; biology; geography and has done one of her 3 papers for classical civ gcse. She has the next paper on Friday! So most of sb’s day was spent looking at the oddyssey essays with me. She did get to have a craft break – wet and dry felting, and a Skype session with her friend c on class civ

Consequently bb has been v autonomous in her days! This involves a morning of mostly minecraft with her friends on the HE server. She then went on to make her Lego scene for the local craft fair. Following that we did some felting together. I managed to have all of us round the kitchen table though :)

Bb showered and I cut her hair! Went straightforwardly . We went outside to feed and care for rabbits. She did scooter races. Then we did some chalk art. Poor sb was still doing her class civ.

Bb got to Skype her friend j before going off to judo for 2 hours in the run up to her banding.

We are now all relaxing with doctor whoo










Home educatin’

Around the kitchen table no less!


Groundhog days!

Currently we are working for GCSE. SB working really well. It is boring tho! Other things are going for a ride. Bb is missing out. The house is a mess. No fun. And there are still the things that have stopped me blogging. Eheu for the simple life of home ed before exams! However, exams are v doable as home ed. We have had tutors for French and class civ, tho, tbh think we would have been better at class civ for r learning on our own! The tutor tho was done with a friend and that was fun. Biol and geog she mostly self taught with encouragement and added practicals. So go for it! Just pencil in that you need a mountain  f chocolate