Visit to my parents

I had a week off, and the original plan was to go to Rome, but original plans dont always come off for a variety of reasons! so we stayed at home pottering for the begining of the week, then went to babysit my nephew and then onto my parents. I haven’t been to my b-i-l house before, and he has lived there perhaps 4 years now? so interesting to nose. M had made up the pull out sofa bed for us for when we arrived, which was nice, and i brought with us mac n cheese for tea, tho bil had put lots of microwave meals in freezer. The kids then played the gun range on call of duty [i prefer them not to do actual shooting games. not sure how much difference that makes!]
Staying with MorganStaying with Morgan

The next day we set off for mum and dads, and whilst we stayed there each night someone went back to stay with morgan until friday, when he came to mum and dads. a bit of a muddle, but hey ho!

SB did a little bit of biol and geog each day at mum and dads, and on thursday had a classical civ meet up in london, that dh took her to. it was apparently v good, and she was v happy with it, and it will help her remember the oddeysey story [lets hope so] classical civ being her 4th gcse this year, and the one i remain the most worried about. She met her friend C, who she has loved doing the classical civ with. SO if this is all about education rather than exam passing, it has been very successful!

those of us at home did game playing. we were going to walk to the park, but DH had taken all our coats with him in the car! also the game we planned to play. but actually BB found alhambra a reasonable game to learn to play, so that was ok.

At nanny and granddad

the following day we again divided in two, as SB, Nanny and I went shopping, as they have a rather nice shopping centre. Mum even bought herself something! SB had 80 of next vouchers burning a hole in her pocket ;) and had a top up from mum and me, so did a very fun and successful shop. We had lunch at patisserie valerie – which was yummy. Also as we were going back to the carpark, we accidentally sat down and had cake there too ;). what is that i hear you say – eclipse?? bah humbug! such dense cloud that we had to watch on tv. cloud had completely cleared by 11 though :(

Girlie shopping tripGirlie shopping tripGirlie shopping trip

BB went to the village park with the men :) and enjoyed the new things that are there for slightly older kids.


more games were played, and cousin M came back ready for the weekend.

At nanny and granddadAt nanny and granddadAt nanny and granddadAt nanny and granddad

fiddledisticks i am behind!

so very behind that I’m going to do a blend of the posts from there till now. It might only be 2 weeks, but in that time we have had 2 more weds4ed, been and visited my parents and other stuff which of course i have mostly forgotten. So this post will be the 2 weds4eds and then anything else i have remembered, and another post will be visiting my parents, and i will declare up to date!

weds4ed1: science was cells, and there was totem pole clay work , making paint and maths

we had a new family join us, who will hopefully pop in on a monthly basis :) it is lovely to meet new families with older home ed kids, as the teen pool gets depleted as kids go to school to do exams. we are bucking the trend to do at home. [as are various of our friends]

so the cells we talked about the difference between plant and animal cells, looked at an animal cell [our cheek] and plant [carrot] under a microscope, having stained with methylene blue. cells comes up a fair bit in gcse biology, and i am hoping that pegging an experiment to match revision work which is deifferent to the speriment that pegged with the first review will hopefully help learn and have something to hang the knowledge onto. I didn’t take many photos tho, and of course none down the microscope, but we def all got to see what we needed to.

Weds4ed march 2015Weds4ed march 2015

totem pole clay work with 2 clay types looked fun. we are planning to home fire them in a big pit or metal bins. em is v patient with them all, and all the kids put thought and effort into their designs.


Weds4ed march 2015Weds4ed march 2015

The older kids are really enjoying the maths they are doing with B. It is proper get you to gcse maths, as J has his gcse this year and SB and B are def doing it next year. I am surprised at how well it is working as a group activity. The non mathsers worked with kfish to make paints from scratch – oil or egg based. I think the egg based ones look the most luscious.

Weds4ed march 2015Weds4ed march 2015

weds4ed2: science was transpiration, more totem pole pottery and maths

unfortunately it was an extra short one, mostly to fit a science in for J and SB, both sitting igcse biology this year. SO not time for painting, but hopefully will do that next time! So science was wrapping around plants. a huge area to cover! DH had very proudly made me a working potometer :) so we used it to talk about transpiration, and bring in photosynthesis [respiration] , and phloem/xylem . the older group got to do worksheets as well ;) including flower structure as this often comes up somewhere in an exam. it was a bit boring i think for the non – gcse-ers, so will think of something more exciting for the next one that all can enjoy whilst still wrapping around the next bit of revision. i guess it might be dissection.

Weds4ed march 3Weds4ed march 3Weds4ed march 3
the younger group were a bit grumpy to see the older group had a hairdryer to make the wind, whereas they had jumped up and down with fans ;) but then, they werent doing worksheets!

more maths for the mathsy group meant that not all did totems, SB helped join the squares together but BB did another ring. I also took the opportunity of making an elliptical one to go on the totem. i hope the other mums do a totem ring as well :)

Weds4ed march 3Weds4ed march 3Weds4ed march 3

A week has gone by

I’m not sure we made as much of it as we should have done! Time is going quickly, SB’s gcse work is making life less interesting as a family, as we need to give her time to learn and do well. Thank goodness we all had such an interesting and exciting year last year! However, although not so outgoingly exciting, it doesn’t mean that we are not having quieter pleasure in each others company!

Nanna is regularly visiting on mondays, and this time I managed to get a photo! She comes for the afternoon and evening, and plays a game or 2 with the girls, and BB gave her a big hug and cuddle, which made her day, as BB is mostly physically demonstrative with few adults.


Wednesday BB went to the hospital for a final checkup of her shoulder. It is all fine, must have been a significant soft tissue injury, but nothing worrying :) . we did some bookishness and then finished mothers day cards – I should have taken pictures of the girls! and chatted in the conservatory on a nice warm day :) .  BB did some rather unusual mother’s day cards, including one for nanna which appeared to be a seagull divebombing a garden gnome… Poor BB fell and really bashed her head, so wore my migraine crown as that was very helpful. But meant she couldnt judo as needed regular pain killers :( . SB had a go at a classical civ paper on the oddyssey, which highlighted that there is a fair bit of work to do, starting with writing a bullet point summary of the story in the relevant books. Argh for feeling rather behind in this one.

conservatory conservatory

BB has been doing a fair bit of drawing. This is a pencil sketch of a lego t-rex. She said she changed the mouth a bit to make it more realistic. I am quite impressed

t rex

She has also been getting a bit cheeky with her English ;) always a sign that she is confident with what she is doing !

english - phrases vs sentences

SB had a french lesson, they both did the home ed group multisports which they enjoy, and i am fairly sure they had the home ed enviroment group?

In the evening, SB and I watched the matrix on my recommendation. She thought it was cool, especially trinity’s moves at the beginning. :)

Ticksheets week 10 2015

Fairly worky week. I think SB is getting fed up of exam work, so we have been mixing it up a bit but I am worrying a bit about how much there is! The French tutor is quietly confident that she is going to do well for that. The geog written paper she consistently is comfortably in the upper B area. We need to just keep going and now look more at the map work and alt to field trip. For the biol we have only done 1 paper 3 – again a comfortable B, but the 2 mcq have been on the c/d which is all about specific knowledge, so encouraging the revision work. Only done one alt to practical, again comfortably a B but showing up we haven’t really done much diagram work. So we are confident overall she should pass and working to make that a comfortable B. classical civ isn’t quite where we had hoped as it seems although the tutor has enthused and gone through syllabus elements, they actually haven’t done any practice work reflecting the nature of the exam. This exam is at the end, but I do have a feel of catch up to it.
Next week we have part work and part holiday to have a bit of a break, tho aware first 2 weeks April full of holiday things so can’t take foot off pedal too much!
Bb has been getting on quietly with stuff and making a big effort with maths and English. Can’t quite get her to see how helpful times tables are for division! She is also busy setting up a mine craft server.



Happy Mother’s Day

To my mum


And to me :)



Kentwell bits to fix- first 4 items

Bb kirtle ( essential)
New sleeves
3 inch extension across chest
2 inch guard

20150314-142138.jpg 20150314-142155.jpg

Sb kirtle ( non essential)
Take in 1cm each side at waist ( non urgent!)
Button on sleeves
Either let down and extend kick panel or 2 inch guard around bottom ( non urgent)

20150314-142308.jpg 20150314-142327.jpg

FrB petticoat (essential)
3 inch guard
Add 2 inches to shoulder strap
Sew on skirt where coming apart
Wash bodice

20150314-142339.jpg 20150314-142351.jpg

Frb jacket
Lengthen sleeves by 1-2 inches
As fitted, fit to sb as doubt frb will fit!
Therefore redo hooks so actually abuts.
Take from 1cm above lowest hook to waist at curve to take 1cm at waist form each side and extra hook there

20150314-142410.jpg 20150314-142422.jpg

BB’s fimo

I should catch up and take some proper pictures of her fimo angry birds series. But until I do…

March 2015 March 2015

a family sunday

when we are feeling pulled this way and that, with gcse work and family and work commitments, it is good to take a day out to just be together and engage with each other in a non-expectant way.

So SB did start off with a geog paper [where she got a prob B] and BB started on roblox and skyping with a friend O from the minecraft homeed server. they were chatting and playing for several hours together very happily. SB finishing the geog paper was the signal for computers to stop.

March 2015

BB happily played with her legos around us. she has made a capture room with a hypnotic cell as part of the inside of the death star from star wars, and also the gym where the clone stormtroopers keep in shape. She was finally looking in all the lego boxes for pieces she needed, rather than being fixed to making the structures in boxes :) I guess she is now a master builder :) I also love how she talks as she goes, drawing you into her story.

March 2015

SB and I were doing some more of her butterick sewing pattern. i started this with a bit of trepidation, since i have only really done kentwell sewing, not following a pattern! I stuck some questions up on social media and was overwhelmed with help :) . it is, luckilly, a simple pattern, and sb and i got on fine :) so we are at stage 7 currently :)

March 2015March 2015

After we had got to step 7, we called a halt for now, and went on to finish our painting. Some while ago SB and I started some trees, as it is good to do creative things on a regular basis to exercise those parts of the brain that might otherwise become cobwebby. We finished them today. They look much better with the tree added onto the background :) . we are both very pleased with them :)

March 2015 March 2015

BB had done something different from the start with art, and so had no background to ‘tree’ but instead did a pencil drawing of London, including the gherkin as an architectural reference :) [ok she said a spottable building]

March 2015

SB and I finished the active part of the day with playing a game of ticket to ride – which she won :) though i have to say that I won alchemists last night against her, which is quite uncommon! We have then chilled out watching city of bones. Not BB, she has been minecrafting . But we have spent a lovely alongside day :)

March 2015 March 2015


kentwell open day

so saturday was kentwell open day. it was a lovely sunny day, and friends were there – friends that after all this time feel like family :) . Even PP’s talk had a roseate hue to it. he must be cheering up, as he said lots of positive things and was all about looking forwards. He was very ill at the end of last year, and perhaps a brush with the working end of a hospital has caused some perspective changing. certainly my perspective changed with the illness and death of my sister in 2010, and various health related shocks of loved ones makes me constantly reevaluate and do my best to enjoy the here and now, not always look to the future or the past.

Kentwell open day 2015Kentwell open day 2015

I didn’t really take much in the way of photos, but caught these 2 of my gorgeous oldest with friends.

loved seeing the manor born [as said prev i dont see them enough!] and jan from sotp :) do wish we lived closer and jax, who we used to see a lot and now too busy teen schedules kind of stop the interaction, as well as lovelyem :)  . v grateful for the friends who helped me out by going on a walk when i had a slight wobble! [difficult week meant i had 'anxiety issues' , sometimes you just have to keep working through things as best as you can] x x

enjoyed meeting the few new parts that were there, chatting with the dyers and inspecting the pots, and hoping i get to be dyering again :)

ddriving home in the golden glow evenhing sun, chatting to my eldest whilst the youngest snoozes and then enjoying a hug and snuggle together back at home. perfick :)

Tick sheets week 9

Tbh we have not been v ticksheety again as classical civ focused! Bb hasn’t done one at all.