SO, this year is the big departure from previous mission statements. It is a year plan, unlike the loose structure of the previous 2 year plans, and we are hoping to achieve what is contained herein. As always, the mission statement is discussed in the themes and emphasis with SB before being committed to blog. Here, though, it is in my words and with my spin and not necessarily how it will be delivered or achieved when translated into real life. I write this in part to help formulate my thoughts, see if things are achievable, what I might need to do to facilitate. I write in part so that in the future I can look back and see what we [SB as a clear part of this] thought we would like to do. I write this in case one day I am challenged on our educational provision. I write this so that other home educators wondering what to do for secondary school can read and see how a different family organised things. The more voices in this respect the better.

As I have said before, we have, I think, delivered more or less on our initial basic mission statement for SB. She has gained a basic warp and weft tapestry of knowledge that we are now embroidering with extension of the things that she loves. We have had a lot of fun a long the way, done a lot of playing, visiting, messing about and forming bonds with other home educators who have become her friends and peers. There are many educational philosophy strands mooted about, structured, child led, autonomous. I no longer really know where to put us as I think we have utilised different methods at different times. We have followed our home educating journey by how it seems to suit us and SB as a unit, not in relation to how anyone else choses to home educate. Much of the education has been done not just by ‘text’ books, but by choosing good literature that cover historical periods, well written and interesting or good biographies with explanations on scientists, explorers, and well written ‘fact books’ that i strew in the home ed room, and on a shelf in the loo [which are always read]. Also by visiting museums, re-enactments, science faires, or watching fact DVD’s and general discussion. Some times the education we are providing  may be more outward, with visits and groups, or or inward, with fact books, good literature, DVD and conversation with ‘curriculum books’  just one of the strands.

In 2012 we changed the pace, moving out of our first period of home ed, and into the second, consolidating and expanding phase. This was where we aimed to make sure she had a solid ground start, and then gradually workeed on accelerating the learning/doing pace vs the fiddle faddle space. 2012-2013 was a springboard for where to go next. It was still very free flowing as before, but with a slight increase emphasis on adapting to curriculum book work and aimed to provide a transistion to when SB wished to move into an examination phase in learning critical reading skills and responding to an additional socratic teaching/learning style rather than a predominant heuristic method. Gradually, although still child led, we have become more structured. We anticipated this being a 2 year transition experience.

However, in 2013-2014 we took the opportunity to do an immersion French exchange with en famille. Something that we hadn’t anticipated doing and so took a diversion. Our home ed mission statements have never been a template that we will stick to, rather than a possible pathway and direction, so when SB had a clear desire to do something different, and to devote essentially 6 months to ‘becoming french’ all other elements took a back seat. She went to school in France, learnt a lot about systems and schools from that but perhaps apart from French, not much academically. But the whole experience was just so much more than about learning French and the academics, it was about culture, stepping in someone else’s shoes and walking those kilometers. For that, it was an invaluable window and opportunity. The reciprocal exchange with her french sister coming here for 6 months also taught us all far more than mere academics. Though we did take the opportunity to restart SB on her original 2 year themes, there were changes incorporated to suit her french sister and learning together as a family – in particular the grand history project and it was back to a more autonomous, heuristic flow.

Now we need to start planning for academic achievements as SB would like to go to university. The future is not clear, as in 2017 the new exams come in, and who knows how easy they will be to access as home educators. Currently of gcse, most home educators do IGCSE, as arranging course work marking, controlled assessments, and even the spoken part of language exams is very difficult. You wouldn’t imagine that it would be so hard to access exams since the LA’s are so keen to pin home ed down to school patterns, but they provide here currently no assistance in helping to find, arrange examination centers. As home educators I will need to write and beg local schools both state and private and hope one will be agreeable and then pay both the examination entry costs, administration fees and invigilator costs. Since the LA gets its pupil premium for SB whether she goes to school or not, i would have thought it should have to provide an examination centre. however, these aren’t our only options, there are ou courses, other equivalents for some subjects [arts award, associated board music exams, MOOCs] and the international baccalaureate. We are considering our IGCSE options for this summer in the way we would consider a trial of an option. We hope that SB would do well, it would be good to pass all those sat, and maybe get a B. However, the biggest thing to us is proving that SB with our facilitation can do this at home. That home education is a reasonable path for her still. She is clear she much prefers being home educated than schooled. This year, the education will clearly be far more structured, though still child led, so that she can achieve her examination goals. [ we have a v v vague thought of french, classical civ and one more this year, the other 2 and chemistry next year dependent in part if she does en famille again, and 2 english and physics and maybe something else the next year, but all is subject to change! for the music, the vague plan is a grade 6 for clarinet and piano, maybe recorder, as well as the music theory by the end of 2017. I think if she achieves all of this it will have been a stunning effort and success, so am leaving this as very provisional.]

In my day to day job, I see people who have come into my profession the ‘direct’ route – gcse, a-level, degree, and those that have come round to it later, not necessarily with gcse, a levels that you would expect, but obv still the degree – often a previous one, some job for a while and then the change. it reminds me that education and life are flexible. that the direct route may have some surface appeal for the obviousness and straightness of the path, but that there is always a choice to change your path, acquire previously ignored skills/exams/ knowledge if you want to later. I hope to educate SB to have choices, but also to know that if at some crossroads she isn’t where she wanted to be, she can go back and take a different route, even if the journey is longer. Learning and education is lifelong, and I have certainly learnt a lot from our home education journey.

In home educating a secondary age child, many of my peers in this have sent their children to school. It is a valid choice, and I’m not knocking it! However, it does make the path less trodden, slightly lonelier, and with less previously promoted options to explore. I have loved using resources others have tried and tested, and this does seem a bit of a stride into the unknown. Just like we were supported by the early years home ed ring, i would much appreciate a secondary ed home ed blog ring. However, blogging is falling out of fashion – even i do it less – due to the pernicious fb and microblogging sites – bah!

Home education isn’t all about the resources, it is also about companionship, socialising, activities. We still value those as much as before, developing the wider picture SB, giving her strong and happy roots to grow, spread and flower from. This mission statement may be concentrating on the delivery of the curriculum elements to home education, but the wider picture is always the first consideration.

After that introduction which has put an organisational frame around our home education to date, and a statement that we are now, finally, in the examination phase, we will review what we hope to facilitate this year. Facilitate, because with our predominantly heurisitc style, the completion of examination goals will be entirely SB’s to achieve. We hope that we have given her the skills and enthusiasm to proceed, and we will be there to buy books, troubleshoot, find examination centres, review work and where necessary [french] seek a tutors help. We plan to work on 4 potential igcse until christmas and then see where we are and whittle them down to 2 or 3 dependent on how things are going. Good luck SB, and happy learning.

Potential [I]GCSE subjects

Initially in our ticksheet/timetable, we are hoping to do 3 x 1 hour on all our GCSE subjects, with the potential for an extra session if required weekly. Well, this is our allowance, we have more and less bookish weeks still, with some more outgoing. I am hoping that this will be ok for SB’s needs. After Christmas, when we have reduced the subject load, this will go up to 4. SB is not particularly a focussed learner, and so we bear in mind that good intentions are not equated with hours completed – she inherits this from both parents. It is not a criticism, just something to bear in mind.


This is the first subject subject we are considering as an IGCSE. SB has fluent spoken French from her en famille exchange, and needs to work on the written. She has a head start with the gcse currently, and the longer we leave things the more she will forget! We have galore park french and her french book from france, and also an igcse revision book. However, I am also trying to organise an exam centre, i had thought CIE, but it looks likely that we will need to do edexel instead. We hopefully have a tutor to help us and make sure SB is exam prepared well when we can confirm which board we can sit! i might also call on uncle mike to give her a ‘mock’ nearer the time, as I think he is suitably imposing :)

Classical civilisation

This is a bit of a surprise entry to the examination ranks. As usual, our home education has a reactive component, able to readjust to new things that crop up. When a freind announced her daughter was thinking to do this with a tutor/course, I pointed SB at it, in case she was interested since we spent a long time about 4 years ago racing through greek myths and legends. She was very enthusiastic about going ahead, so we have corresponded with portals from the past about doing this as a course through them with her friend. Of course, this has a controlled assessment as well as an exam, and currently portals are working with an exam centre in Fareham. This is a long way away! She would be doing this OCR GCSE from scratch in a year, quite a big ask, so quite a bit of timetable put aside for it.


Somewhat surprisingly, [well to me anyway] SB has quietly got on well with geography whilst FrB has been here. She says she enjoyed the people geography, though wasn’t so keen on the landforms. Most of what she has left to do is the mapwork, and TBH, that is most fun done as fieldwork, so I think we will do some. I am not sure whether she has learnt it all, or whether her answers would be up to scratch, but she is 2/3 through the coursework, so this is a strong contender for an IGCSE in the summer. It is all exam, as there is an alternative to fieldwork in the CIE paper we would be doing. This website looks a useful resource. We are not utilising tutors.


This was a planned IGCSE for this year, though will now have to be a competitve entry for the role ;) . SB has worked through half the CIE course and enjoys biology and is quite keen to take this exam. Again, purely an examination, as there is an alternative to practical paper. We have done quite a few of the practicals, and plan to do more. Since SB keen, we have come up with a timetable for the next 2 months to see if this is practical. If not, it would be a contender for next year. i have found this website really useful for both practicals and self assessment. We are not utilising tutors.


Actually, maths could also be a contender for the GCSE/IGCSE this year. SB is half way through the conquer maths key stage 4 work, though I haven’t related that to any of the GCSE/IGCSE curriculae. However, we are waiting to hear what is happening about post 16 education, as there is some evidence that with the change of gcse, all children wishing to access post 16 education will need a gcse in maths and english, as these include a ‘functional element’ and an IGCSE might not count. The verdict should be out shortly, but we have no need of rapid decisions. We are not utilising tutors, but our friend B might give a quick mock/overview if she goes ahead to see this is OK.

Other subjects

Clearly, the amount of time spent on other subjects is going to be reduced. Most other things apart from music have a single weekly option. Since we don’t home school as such, we want SB to continue to have time that she can art, craft and dream and follow other desires.


This SB has raised as a high priority. currently she is working on her grade 6 music theory, either to be taken in the autumn or spring terms. The original plan was the autumn term, but there is quite a significant jump between grades 5 and  theory, and she is finding it challenging. We will plug on and make a decision as we approach the examination entry date. She also hasn’t done any practical exams for a while, having been in france etc. She currently has some grade 4 piano and clarinet pieces, and has had grade 4 recorder pieces for a while. She would like to do the clarinet and maybe recorder, so we will put the piano on a learn it and see thing. I think with GCSE’s I want to leave the summer term entirely free of all else, so these will need to be autumn or spring projects. I think viola and lute, both she has fiddled about with, are really on the backburner unless she spontaneously gets them going! We will continue with holiday orchestra, as she enjoys that, and also with group music with friends on a wednesday. To help with the grade 6 theory, i think we need to do a bit more classical music appreciation and maybe go to a concert or 2.


SB plans to finish the galore park science book, and then start an IGCSE book in chemistry. Neither of these are currently on her ticksheet for next year, so I had better remedy this. SB continues to enjoy the fortnightly experiments with DH, which are predominantly chemistry based. She enjoys and understands science. The chemistry would be potentially and IGCSE for summer 2016. [and physics for 2017] She has also ‘found’ my astronomy resources – if you keep something long enough, someone will want to do it! As the nights get earlier, we may restart her astronomy interest.


with so much theory, learning and examination type activities, we want SB to have some complete contrasts of creativity. She is hopefully going to finally write up her bronze arts award, and is then thinking of concentrating on something for the silver. Not that she needs a ‘stamp’ or recognition, but that she likes the thought of doing something in more depth. She has really enjoyed the glass art with a local home educator this year, and also pottery again – though unfortunately our local home educator potter is now in America! we have interested friends, so will just be experimental. I just think that encouraging creativity and a variety of media is a good outlet.


whilst French is at the top of the list, Italian and Latin will have only run-along places. In fact, I am not sure whether SB will end up carrying on with the Italian currently. Latin we will definately do, she learns it quite quickly and also it has value as a backbone for other languages and understanding the classical world [and she is doing the classical civ exam] . we won’t necessarily run ‘fast’ with it, more of a slow chugger. We are using the cambridge series [of course!] and it isn’t currently a planned GCSE at any point. If after the exams in the summer she would like to carry on with italian, and doesn’t plan to do a 3 month spanish en famille [which is a maybe maybe] then I would consider an italian tutor and do it properly.


We will keep on with galore park english, and with SB reading widely. Although I think from a maturity point of view that this will be one of the last GCSE taken, we need to keep on and practising. I hope to focus a bit more on spelling this year, as well as how to use English well for exam purposes in other exams. Hanadwriting improved in france, and realistically, with all the writing as part of exam prep, we will not be concentrating on it other than to make sure it is legible!


Although we love history, and the great history project has been wonderful taking us to the civil war, I am not sure what time we have to devote to getting to the modern! SB is going to think about whether she slowly wants to continue the great history project [in which case BB will too] or to work through the galore park history. we will see. She will continue to read books set in different historical periods, and visit museums and places of interest, and I think we have a good historical backbone. This currently seems unlikely to be a GCSE subject unless SB chooses.

Non-curriculum areas


clearly, SB continues with Judo and ballet, but has completed the swimming lessons, and stopped gymnastics. She is working towards grade 6 ballet and has her green and black judo belt. She goes to the local home ed multisports fortnightly and the monthly roller skating as well. She is keen for DH to facilitate either snowboarding or skiing at a centre… Perhaps some skills courses rather than weekly sessions! She also wants to pick up golf again and consider lifeguard training or similar.


we will continue regular board game playing and strategising!


SB loves cooking and baking and continues to do this regularly. We are hoping to let her be ‘in charge’ of a meal on a weekly basis.


Clearly this remains important, we have a fortnightly meeting at our house, fortnightly local home ed teen meet, fortnightly conservation group, fornightly multisports, monthly rollerskating, botany and science experiments. We hope to meet and socialise, visit places together, do ‘interesting things’ and generally keep with her peer group and social circle. in the non home education field, she still attends guides and would like to start Air Corps. I think a drama group would suit her flair for the dramatic too. She has also brought up Duke of Edinburgh awards recently, though I am not sure this is the year to increase so many groups!

Retaining close family ties is important too, and seeing plenty of her cousins and grandparents as well as the wider family


with Frb here for 6 months, we really made a huge effort to reach and visit many places. We wont keep this frequency up, but adding trips and visits regularly is important to all of us to relate facts to real life.

We are each making a tile panel. These are awaiting firing then glazing


Due to blog and Flickr not talking there has been a ticksheet hiatus on the blog! Also the last 2 weeks have been ticksheet free, though education persisted!



suddenly the house seems very much quieter without FrB. it may be a quieter with 2 rather than 3 kids thing, but I think it was that FrB was quite a noisy kid :) . SB has written a lovely tribute to her on the blog, and has had a great year, but is older, getting on with things, and thinking that they will get to keep in touch, so taking it ok despite spending the last year together. BB is, as anticipated, devastated. she has cried several times and really misses FrB. One of the things it took me a while to imperfectly get used to was the high octane emotionality of their relationship. they were having crazy fun together one minute and shouting and misinterpreting each other the next. it gradually got more crazy fun and less shouty, but it was always noisy. SO BB has lost her best playmate for the last 6 months and is feeling down. we can’t move the lego, cos it was frb game, and it makes her cry to think about it, sylvanians makes her cry, and she is bored without the wildness. Tho SB more or less willing, she is now a teen, and not really such a regular crazy playmate, it is more of a special effort [and I have asked her to make it]. if we let her spend all her time on the computer, i guess it would be alright, as M and E as well as friends B and R are there to skype and minecraft, however i do like her to have some ‘real life’ too. We discussed this, and she does agree, but it is hard.

SB has been steadily morphing teenwards. She loves listening to music on ipod as prob fav thing number one! But we have been looking to the future about home ed, and what she wants to achieve. SHe def wants to go to university, though not a definite what to actually study yet, and so wants to get a few exams. She def wants to do french and has signed up for classicla civ, which came a bit out of the blue and we are contemplating everything – there will be a mission statement to follow! She has certainly got ready with a tidy desk and a folder and enthusiasm :) . I guess this seems that it will be the first year of ‘real’ hard home ed!

SO, to help with both of them, this week we have got back to some structure, some home ed and lots of hugs, love, laughter and craft. we have gone to MIL to cheer her up as i think the enormity of loss has dawned on her and DH and DH has been and sorted things for her too. We have also played a lot of games. Deep breaths for all moving on in different ways.

Fast flowing forest fellers


Virginie and Eric came to pick up FrB. We had had a long and terrible journey from our holiday home, so had v little time to prepare, and less house tidying that hoped for! FrB and I made the dinner she had chose and pudding – chilli sausage hotpot and then a cream tea afterwards! [i know, slightly weird!] and we chatted in the evening. in the morning they got crumpets for breakfast – which I think they thought a bit weird too!!! but FrB loves them. and finally, after some goodbye photos, they left and caught the train home. so there we go, our years en famille adventure is finished, and it feels kinda weird too! but i hope that we have made a connection that the girls can keep, and certianly have a planned swap of holidays next year.

and to celebrate, DH has fixed flickr widget!

last 24 hours FrB

so, a beginning and end shot

9673521754_181702a4f4_blast 24 hours FrB

As they would say, sisters forever!

so, to change the mood around, we set off on holiday to mudeford, shared with my parents and my nephew and niece. we were staying at sandhills which is right on the beach. It is a place with memories. my sister and i had holidays with my parents in mudeford as children, and also with nanny and grandad at highcliffe. Then, soon after my sister’s diagnosis of breast cancer we all went to sandhills for a holiday. so there is a soothing time element, of feeling us all there.

the day we arrived was M’s birthday – he is now 14! – and loved his presents, giggled madly over the plastic giraffe from BB!! and loved his party tea and cake, and us all making a fuss of him. amongst the presents, we also bought him minecraft, and since the holiday, he has played it nearly non stop! so that was a good present :) . the kids had a lovely holiday together, and get on very well.

we had a timetable for most days – brekkie, swimming in the pool, lunch, beach and then crabbing/kiting/games. we did have 2 excursions – one to highcliffe castle which I am fairly certain we visited in 1977! and once to hurst castle . Both were good trips. highcliffe as interesting, some clothes to try on for FrB, which she loves! and a great cafe – I had a cream tea = yummy. DH and the 2 big girls walked back to the camspite along the beach. Hurst was bigger and more to do. the ferry ride there and back is lovely, and the tudor defence is interesting to walk round, and we could see the similarity with deal in kent. The modern bit also houses a rather lovely bijou lighthouse museum. Again a cafe, and lunch this time! afterwards we walked to the lighthouse and looked at all the yachts for cowes week.

otherwise we mostly swam in the pool, visited the beach and on the last day the tide was really out, so it felt you could walk to the isles of wight! we also ferried across the spit and tried out the beach on the other side – which was nicer ;) DH left his phone on the ferry, but thankfully it was still there. A fair bit of scootering and games playing. not so much crafting as the weather was so fabulous. [v lucky :) ] mostly all was lovely. some up and down kids moments – to be expected! – but mostly managed ;) .

on the last evening we went out for a meal at the restaurant on the beach and really loved it. the kids were well behaved, and ate well, and the atmosphere was nice. it rained a complete downpour as we walked home tho! the big 2 took lots of selfies, as it was the last day of FrB being ours. big deep breath.

thankyou all for a lovely holiday.

International sisters


He took pics of me and parents to make sure a photo for our funeral service! In outrage I have taken what we are terming his ‘death photo’


as such things go, it went well. we all got there, chris’s brother and kids were there, we just dont really see them enough. jane was dressed in a posh outfit she has worn on cruises with john, and that was lovely. all 3 of my kids did us proud. the service had lots of family and friends. I think i would have wanted to say a bit more about how much of a family man john was, and how he cared deeply for family and relationships. I think he would have been proud of how we scrubbed up, but clearly the wake and after would have been better with him there giving a rousing version of a number of his stories!

It was nice to feel part of the family, and hug and grieve with others. it was good that DH and his brother got chance to talk and be. It was a shame that it had to be at johns funeral tho. I was glad my parents made it, and so had FrB and BB whilst the rest of us went to the crematorium. both had sung the hymns in the service, and both were tearful afterwards, and gave each other hugs whilst we were gone.

i took photos, I am never sure really that this is really respectable. but it is good to mark family being together, particularly those we dont often see. and we did take some excellent photos of jane with children and grandchildren.

RIP John x

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