She is v proud and happy :) she is working for grade 6



need to sew on ribbons and do all that complicated sewing on the pointes bit

When the ticksheets appear, it will be clear that this week was not all about books! In fact it has been a very gregarious going out and about type of week DH might have some photos of things on his phone that he may or may not put onto flickr. He may, or may not, blog himself – awaited eagerly :)

actually BB was v tired, so only FrB and SB took part in the all day workshop on mediaeval history/england. SB has mostly come back with lots of facts about weapons and how to spot the different imprints in skulls! Both girls really enjoyed this session, and they met some new home educated kids of their age, so again very happy.
In the evening, ballet this time was the open session where parents can watch, so we have photos. SB is working towards grade 6, she has only just started as was in france for 6 months. The ballet teacher was happy for FrB to just join in at this level as she is quite athletic, works sensibly and is doing very well. [I do need to add FrB has a character skirt, but she pulled the button off it when putting on, so isn't wearing it in the photos!]
open ballet class open ballet class open ballet class open ballet class


This was some bookishness in the morning, and botany group in the afternoon. They were taking and growing on cuttings.


A weds4ed day. We did some artwork based on chinese artists resistance. They are seen as not important and vanish. Ao we took our portrait pictures – mostly the tracings rather than the photos – and ‘vanished’ them by camoflaging. Science was all about the eye and reflexes, vision etc. general musicianship music went on, board games and minecraft. we did an added activity – we started to learn some basic chinese words and intonations.

Weds4ed April Weds4ed April Weds4ed April Weds4ed April


morning was bookish, and multisports in the afternoon – a local home ed sports group that runs fortnightly, enjoyed by all the girls. i was very late home as had a meal out at work to celebrate recent successes – very nice! [i forgot to take photos]


is the conservation day. The girls were clearing nettles and some other wild plants [weeds] from an area, I think the plan is for it to be seeded with butterfly or bee attractants, but I need to check that with DH! SB managed to badly cut her finger on the new knife tho.

march-april 2014 1703 march-april 2014 1712 march-april 2014 1717 march-april 2014 1716 march-april 2014 1721

I really liked this game when we played it with the manorborns. it is a game where you have to choose what to do, that a strategy would seem to be a good idea [though i didn't really formulate one!] and there are a number of different ways to potentially win. Who is going to win isn’t terribly obvious as you play the game, so no dejectedness from that either! I would definately recommend this game

RSPB walk

TBH, we have been manically busy, and mothers day crept up on me. As well as the 3 child family thing, work has been crazy busy with lots of v important deadlines hitting in the last we of march and first 2 of april, causing me stress – tho ultimately they have gone ok. Also DH having some worries re parents health – hopefully will go OK. so we didn’t make much of it at all. Girls made lovely cards though.

march-april 2014 1644

we then went to meet with the manorborns for a great walk at RSPB. we really haven’t done it enough in the last few years, and i remembered how enjoyable they were. kids walked nicely, my hip and leg not too troublesome and the kids had us completely fooled when they hid from us!

march-april 2014 1658 march-april 2014 1648 march-april 2014 1650 RSPB walk

we finished at their house having a wonderful meal and playing a new game – always great :) BB got a bit ‘past it’ by the end, but our hosts were, as always, very gracious :) . Thankyou for a lovely day!

RSPB walk RSPB walk


not only am i far behind on blogging! but also on gardening – well probably lots of things. juggling 3 kids when used to 2 takes quite a bit more energy! especially as wanting to spend quite a bit of time with FrB so that the language [particularly trying to sound english rather than french is the agenda at the moment] is going along nicely, and then balancing that out so other kids not jealous. ALso the running about the country we are doing so that the british history in 6 months thing is a success. [these are my 2 main goals for FrB time with us on an educational front]

Anyway, gardening…

we checked through some seeds, the girls weeded their veg beds, and then sowed. I have sowed toms, peppers, aubergines, beans and beetroot [ a bit eclectic!] and the girls are mostly flowers.


we also cleaned the trampoline, well, that is what they said they were doing

Having had E since sat, we asked if anyone fancied an extra weds4ed so that we could blend that with nattyem coming to pick up E. no-one else was free, so we went with an arts theme, an extended pottery morning, and a musical afternoon. The pottery worked v v well, with the usual suspects taking time and care to get their creations to fit with their internal visions. Although R struggled with her vision initially, i really loved the outcome. in fact, as always, I am always impressed with what all the kids do when given time and encouragement to follow their vision of the brief. Brief – pinch plant pot to grow ‘hair’ in, or slab mug making. Don’t they look fab!

Weds4ed pottery Weds4ed pottery Weds4ed pottery Weds4ed pottery Weds4ed pottery

Weds4ed pottery Weds4ed pottery  Weds4ed pottery  Weds4ed pottery

We had a roasted veg pasta bake for lunch, and cake and muffins :) and then went on to do some music. SB and FrB did some General Musicianship with me – starting on grade 1 which they could do easily, so Grade 2 next time. The with E and nattyem we did lots of recorder duets for descant and treble on a variety of recorders. Think we all did very well – though i realised it is so long since i last played a treble that i have ‘forgotten’ the instinctive placement of fingers – eek! Much more musical than Sunday’s karaoke!

Weds4ed pottery

the bigger girls finished the day with a board game, and the younger ones were minecrafting. All having fun whilst we grown ups chatted over a well earned cup of tea. My girls did some conquer maths, and the older ones some latin before judo for all. We finished the day watching the british sewing bee.

well, not exactly :) we had borrowed another child – E – from sat to weds, as the girls were desperate for a sleepover!

Sunday – they did lots of playing board games, and the wii, and an [interesting!] exceptional 2 hour karaoke performance. I don’t think the girls are very strong on tunes!! When I upload to flickr I might put here, unless am bribed in the interim! Was lovely to see them having such fun

Monday – a home ed worky type day. E got a ticksheet too – i think she is not going to demand them at home tho! Also ballet class. When i got back from work – rather later than anticipated! – the girls helped by baking for me for work the next day. They made a dairy free apple and cinnamon cake and a chocolate cake. We also made sausage rolls and a roast veg pasta salad. Then my 3 kids each had a piano lesson with me. FrB is moving steadily through the book. Our big step really is learning the names of notes as in France the use the sol-fa system. I am doing the Gina plan with BB – we have gone back a bit to regain her confidence! SB has quickly picked up her grade 3 pieces. They are out of date now, but will get her to learn scales, feel comfy and then we will start on Grade 4 music. We are also enjoying her jazz duets. We finished the day watching Epic.

science 2 002 science 2 001

Tuesday – Morning was a bit book worky, and the afternoon was chemistry with daddybean. This time they finished their separation experiment, and then made plastic sulphur – heating it and then cooling in water. This was, apparently, a bit smelly! BB played a boardgame instead with S. The evening was swimming, and then watching 2 episodes of bang goes the theory – one one electricity/power supply, and the other on cancer.

science 2 012 science 2 011 science 2 010 science 2 009


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