this weekend is brought to you by the aeneid

well, actually, I was working a lot of the weekend. I do think the cheerleading over classical civ has been all i have done other than go to work tho! Actually, that isn’t true. I told SB i needed to have an activity to do whilst just sitting there with her to encourage working. she gave me the divergent trilogy and I enjoyed reading my way through them. we also watched the divergent film split over 2 evenings. so i am fully up to date with my young adult dystopian futures :)

SO here is SB, who has out in prob 16 hours this weekend of classical civ organising for the exam [including daydreams and texting friends :) ] but v solid work, so has completed her essay planning and the research/quotes/context behind it.

Homeed feb 2015

BB has enjoyed being left to her own devices whilst i concentrate on SB [when not at work] and DH concentrates on renovation of BB bedroom. SHe has therefore had unlimited computer time. She has still done plenty of fimo and also drawing. This evening she created hot wheels ‘darts’ sort of, and gave areas a points score which she had to count back from 100. so i am classing that as maths too :)

Homeed feb 2015

A week of birthdays

Nanny french came across on monday to deliver and receive presents, as it was her birthday on the friday. I didn’t take a photo tho! It was a busy day for SB as she had ballet and then judo. the monday group is older on average than the weds group, so she has a much more strenuous workout there. she does enjoy it. Her home ed was mostly maths and also taking photos for her arts award.

Tuesday SB spent most of the day on her arts award project [bit of an argh, as this week should mostly be about classical civ controlled assessment and her piano exam!] pm is the arts award class which she really enjoys. Ctually, io shouldn’t argh, because when later on in the week i apologised that our home ed hadn’t been rigorous enough that essay writing was easy for her, and perhaps i had let her down compared to my schooling, she did point out that she had had lots more fun, and that my school type [grammar] wasn’t available, and there was no evidence that the local schools were better than us. always nice to hear our children affirming the choice to home educate, as it is SB’s choice now as to whether to continue.

Tuesday was also DH birthday. he was very happy with his teapot and eggcups :) and the birthday candles in the dinner!

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

weds was a lets get down to it classical civ controlled assessment planning fest. I was a bit panicky to find that she and the tutor hadn’t really covered this as much as i thought they may have done. SB has never done anything like this before, and I am pretty rusty at this kind of thing [see comments in the ticksheets for my mind mapping!] however, when we sat down together, i asked her to start in the middle and pick things in the book that helped her answer the questions, and she found some events for Dido and some for Aeneas, whilst i printed out for her the mark sheet and the spec, so she could then use that to come up with a plan for context. It slowly and organically grew from there, and although the whole plan not finished by sat morn as hoped for, it was at least clearly developed. She hasnt approached it as I would have, and the flow therefore isnt quite the same [this is when we had the convo about essay writing!] but i have a psych degree, and this had a fair bit of essays making an argument, so i have all that practice. this has to be her own work, with some help and guidance, and i have been very careful to cheerlead and help her decide and prompt about context, but not to actually interfere with her decisions, flow and what she wanted to include. I have no idea whether it is at the right level tho for this exam, just hoping so since she has done a fair bit of work for it. [home ed panic!]

After lunch on weds we declared it to be SB’s birthday :) and opened presents before going to see Jupiter ascendant at the cinema. She was v happy with her presents [especially since she thought she was just getting the replacement retainers for those she had lost!] . One of those presents was a lap desk with LED light – cool :) Jupiter ascendant is a feel good film which is best watched to enjoy rather than use any thinking or critique ;) .

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

so happy birthday my glorious 14 year old :) . We love you very very much, and are proud to be your parents :) . evening activities – marching band for SB and judo for BB.

The day didn’t end quite so smoothly though, as somehow BB managed to severely wrench [or something] her shoulder and ended up in a and e at midnight

Homeed feb 2015

argh! and she has been in pain since, seen at fracture clinic, had bloods done etc etc.

Thurs – SB had french and multisports, and classical civ prep! due to BB feeling in pain and miserable, there was a friend chain to get her to all the activities – thankyou :) – and then the bus back. She is pretty good now at getting the bus in and out of town. Friday was a total classical civ prep day. not as much really as i would have liked done, I think she missed me sitting there chivvying, getting tea and biscuits and general cheerleading!

So what about BB? well, actually she has spent a lot of this week in arts and craft mode, with lots of pencil work  – mostly angry birds pictures, computer based pictures and fimo. I have been really impressed with her angry birds fimo set – will have to take a pic of them all, but here are some going into the oven.

Homeed feb 2015

There are no ticksheets this week tho – SB would be all classical civ, some maths, some piano and a bit of french! BB would be some conquer maths, lots of art and craft!

a crafty weekend

had to delay blogging the weekend, as we made some birthday presents for DH! SB had asked for something sewing related for her birthday – she wanted to find a pattern and some material to make it in. So we went to a local little sewing shop that has quite a lot of patterns, and bought a butterick pattern she fancied and also some shimmery material to make it in. we had a fab time in the shop looking at bits and pieces and discussing, and also then we spent ages pinning and cutting out :) lovely bonding for me and SB

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

my bonding with BB was over making birthday presents for DH – his wish list was an eggcup and a teapot with integral loose tea separator. so BB and I made egg cups out of fimo

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

other than that, we chilled together and played games :)

Tick sheets week 7 2015

Bb has spent lots of this week making blogs, minecraft videos and some Lego ones. We have done some worky stuff, but as she is having an imagination/play explosion, this has also been lovely and vital :)
Sb has been working hard. The first of the past papers suggests we are on track for a comfortable b in geog if we keep going , which is a nice place to be! I haven’t marked the biol yet as not finished, but sb found it much harde as very factual, so we are prob on a hopeful c trajectory. Neither of us feel comfortable with that, so I have altered her tick sheet from next week to push the biol, being aware tho that we are close to her first classical civ paper and piano exam, so a bit to juggle! Told her that it is no big deal and just good to do your best.



it might be a school holiday, but we are home educators.

and SB has 4 gcse this year, BB doesn’t like going out much [we are going to have to work on that!] and I have non bloggable worries to worry about! so am being rather less than grgarious. I actually think i should do something about that, but I havent as yet.

so i will just blog about weds4ed, which was lovely, as B brought her daughter R and frenchE with her, and since they are schooled we dont get to see them so much. we had a great day. the sun was out, k did a discussion on andy goldsworthy and his art. it reminded me of DH and i in northumberland after we had seen an andy goldsworthy exhibition – must have been at the yorkshire sculpture park – and we were imitating this. The kids did a wonderful job of recreating some ideas in the garden.
Weds4ed feb 2015 2Weds4ed feb 2015 2

B did maths with the ones working towards gcse maths. SB is really enjoying doing maths with B, and also has already looked at the videos linked.

science was a biology recap, but i realsied as i was doing it htat perhaps i need to go back further in time with the recap! we were looking at seeds, storage of energy as starch and then conversion into sugars when germinated. the experiment didnt work with the big kids [doing the gcse] but perfectly with the younger ones. sigh! however, we did talk about a lot of concpets, so hopefully the talking, especially about why things might not work, will be useful :)

bean seeds: sprouted sugar; sprouted starch; unsprouted sugar; unsprouted starch


Weds4ed feb 2015 2

rice grains: sprouted starch; sprouted sugar; unsprouted starch; unsprouted sugar


Weds4ed feb 2015 2


we all know i love multicoloured experiments :) pretty cool hey!

Weds4ed feb 2015 2Weds4ed feb 2015 2Weds4ed feb 2015 2Weds4ed feb 2015 2

we finished the day with some minecrafters, some [including me and k] on the wii doing winter olympics [we were a bit hopeless!] and SB and J did some of a biol paper together – i think it is more fun doing some of these things together. J corrects SB’s appalling spelling as they go!

Weds4ed feb 2015 2

lovely day :)


Made it to the end of the week.

This week has been difficult. we have had some dreadful news about the health of someone i love very much. Although not blogging about it per se, it is taking up 70% of my head space at any one time. This probably is the main reason for such an in week when i wasnt at work. i was retreating into my comfort zone. It is hard going keeping going at work, and I am trying not to collapse at home.

However, the girls and DH are, as always, a lovely tonic. :) . SB started something new – how she has time for new things i never know! She is going to cadets band, which she really enjoyed. to do this, she swapped judo to monday, which is a 1.5 hour session including seniors, so pretty hard work. She loved it!

marching band

 BB has been getting going with minecraft youtube and vlogs. this week she unwrapped and built a minecraft lego set all recorded, which she needs to do some post production on before uploading. She is hoping to get going on this so that she can make more interesting things. I think this area of the market on youtube fairy well cornered! but good to start somewhere.

This weekend we celebrated valentines day, with SB making a valentines pudding, DH bringing me toast in bed :) and BB making me a card. SB also got a valentines card, but she has hidden that one away ;)

we girls have done some home ed, but also played loads of games together. SB and I love games, and she beat me twice in alchemists, tho i beat her in african ticket to ride. BB is also getting more gamey, and enjoyed winning survive!

Today we started some art wrok, tho had to leave to dry, so not sure when we will complete! SB and I are doing watercolour with sharpie [probably] or ink – [less likely]! and BB thought about it, but us dioung her own artwork of oil on canvas.

Tick sheets week 6 2015

A hibernating week, so high on the doing works stuff. Have marked the first geog paper for sb and she came in the b range quite comfortably. However, need to concentrate on classical civ as controlled assessment in fortnight and then grade 4 piano at end of month. Not sure when French speaking. We had a panicky moment over the exam centre, but no communication was a worry. Apparently they were being ofstedded. Won’t feel comfortable till paid and all confirmed, tho have now an alternate venue.
Bb has got the hang of independently working and so at least that moving on. Division proving tricky as she is being reluctant to appreciate times tables! She’s done a fair bit of you tube videos and has a Lego vlog to upload.



This is what the home part of home ed looks like

i love home educating. i hope that the girls in the future looking back will also love that they have been home educated. we haven’t coerced them, failed to make school arrangements or denied them school, but instead have had an organic but questioning journey which they are part of the controlling team. It isn’t all about home. it is often about what to go to! and unfortunately for me, i don’t do enough of it, and DH gets the privilege. But here are some snaps from our at home wednesday.

feb 2015 159 feb 2015 144

feb 2015 156  feb 2015 151

feb 2015 147 feb 2015 150

There is so much about life we can’t determine, and the future is [often quite thankfully] fairly opaque. SO seizing the opportunity to make the most of our time together is always a good feeling.

Pile of games

Someone wants to make sure she knows which games are hers for when she leaves him ( sob re home leaving!)


goodbye to Aunty Phyllis


the last of little nanny’s siblings has died after an illness in hospital. we knew her as wah ha phyllis, because of her huge, all encompassing laugh. She had a great sense of humour and could see the silly side of things very easily. life was tough, she fell pregnant during the war and was encouraged to marry the father, who perhaps wasnt the best person to be married too. after their only child tony died, she faced the social disapproval of divorce and then had a gentleman friend. but i remember her for her laughter and generosity of spirit, and her great knitting.

so above, are all the siblings bar reggie, left to right, arthur, ethel [little nanny], barbara [harry's wife] , hilda, harry, peggy, phyllis, then dad and mum.

the last of an era for us has passed.