Home ed day 2015

Ok, I can’t not do this this year! I have been blogging a random home ed day every year since 2004. 10 years!
Like all this month, sb has been concentrating on exam work. She has completed 3igcse : French; biology; geography and has done one of her 3 papers for classical civ gcse. She has the next paper on Friday! So most of sb’s day was spent looking at the oddyssey essays with me. She did get to have a craft break – wet and dry felting, and a Skype session with her friend c on class civ

Consequently bb has been v autonomous in her days! This involves a morning of mostly minecraft with her friends on the HE server. She then went on to make her Lego scene for the local craft fair. Following that we did some felting together. I managed to have all of us round the kitchen table though :)

Bb showered and I cut her hair! Went straightforwardly . We went outside to feed and care for rabbits. She did scooter races. Then we did some chalk art. Poor sb was still doing her class civ.

Bb got to Skype her friend j before going off to judo for 2 hours in the run up to her banding.

We are now all relaxing with doctor whoo










Home educatin’

Around the kitchen table no less!


Groundhog days!

Currently we are working for GCSE. SB working really well. It is boring tho! Other things are going for a ride. Bb is missing out. The house is a mess. No fun. And there are still the things that have stopped me blogging. Eheu for the simple life of home ed before exams! However, exams are v doable as home ed. We have had tutors for French and class civ, tho, tbh think we would have been better at class civ for r learning on our own! The tutor tho was done with a friend and that was fun. Biol and geog she mostly self taught with encouragement and added practicals. So go for it! Just pencil in that you need a mountain  f chocolate


Circus camp

Bb loved circus camp with her friend jsotp. They both did diabolo and bb was v happy with how much she improved.

SB and I joined them for the weekend. I had a panic I had left the hob on but luckily not!

SB has been working hard for her GCSE. I am proud of her.


up to yorkshire

We have had a bit of r and r in Yorkshire, taking our nephew and niece too. Lovely hosts and happy children!Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

family celebrations

50th wedding anniversary for Chris’s aunt and uncle. Unfortunately his mum still in hospital so couldn’t go. V convivial.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

athletics medals

Well done SB :) including gold for high jump :) FB_IMG_1431283227483

we still love schleich animal


bb art



My aunt from Canada visited with one of my cousins. We spent some time with her and my parents.Jpeg Jpeg