Museums and Friends

We went with C’s Ps to The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds today. I hadn’t really thought of going there, as felt it was a bit old for SB, am a pacifist, and did’t really want to explain the concept of war too much. chris’s dad was keen to see though. SB actually liked the museum, and it ash been really well thought out, and the layout is good – well worth a visit, but for an oler child I think. As you go into the war section, there is a display showing a child crying behind a bookcase with her room vandalised and a military type holding a gun threateningly – so I started crying and moved on, confirming this museum not for me! The bit on jousting v good though – even for me – and I like looking at the armour, also the japanese samurai etc. [less realistic for me I suppose]. i thonk I would like to return when SB quite a bit older, and we have discussed wars, the alleged justifications and looked at them in more detail [this was touched on in the museum, and as I said, I was impressed].

The new webland also came, and SB and I looked at all the new bits to see. Never heard the song before, and thought it was a bit weird?

This evening I went to CLOGS. this is a sort of women in obs and gynae who like to eat in restaurants group – and I have known some of the people all my training. it was the chinese new year celebratory meal – late, as the organiser tries to spend chinese new year in singapore with family. We had a great laugh, nice food and a bit of wine. I will be really sad to say goodbye to these friends – as my work support people. they think I am a bit odd, but don’t try to change or judge. Another one of the sad things about moving on.

got back to find SB ravenous, so now hopefull zonked out, and I will go to bed too. C’s Ps go home tomorrow.

6 responses to “Museums and Friends

  1. Gosh, there is no way Josie would be ready for me to go out for an evening yet – she managed an hour for the doctors yesterday but that is about it.

    I’d like to go to the Armouries though, right up Fran’s street i imagine.

  2. I skirted the whole war thing with Pip for a long time due to being a pacifist and have gently introduced the concept over the past few years. It’s not easy to explain is it? I’d have cried too. Can I ask what your job is Helen? I have worked out the area you work in and it’s very interesting sounding….
    Is SB BF, because I rememeber well the going out and coming home to a ravenous baby and Sim pacing the hall and that *full* feeling-LOL!!

  3. I’m a doctor in primarily gynaecology, but I do do obstetrics as well Heather.
    yes, BB is BF. I had expressed milk in the fridge, but she didn’t want it. I had fed her really well before going, and she was just starting to fuss when I got back.
    The last CLOGS at christymas I took BB with me.

  4. And here lies the problem with blogging and chatting on-line. I do hope I didn’t offend you, I didn’t mean to but I can’t quite work out if I have. Apologies if my comment offended- both my babies fed every couple of hours for the first six months, so if I nipped out without them then I always returned to them *ravenous*.

  5. nooooo no offence at all!! SB was a very ravenousy baby, and BB is variable. i was just sort of wittering along in same vein.
    where is yr blog btw, as i miss it?

  6. ps, i was part answering merry when i said had taken bb with me to clogs at xmas.
    i could never have left SB at this age due to ravening beastiness!!!

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