Upgrade to 2.0

Just been upgrading to WordPress 2.0, Mopst things seem to be ok, Helen is already complaing that it’s reverted to the default ‘blue’ theme, some people, so impatient…..

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  1. I’m putting it off, i’m scared of stuff like this! What if I lose it all by accident?!!!

  2. As long as you backup your Database and WP isntall you won’t lose anything, if it does really go wrong then you just copy it all back over. Upgrading WP is actually pretty easy, readign the variosu instructions makes it sound much more complicated than it is. Though I’ve never had anything go wrong. Might need some tweaking of the theme though.

    Details here:


    WP2.0 comes with the WP_DB_Backup plugin built in which I’d been meaning to install for a while. It means it will email me a copy of my database everyday, so most of my WP data is now secure (I’d ahte to lose it all now)

  3. It takes a while for all he plug-ins (I use several) to be updated to work with the new version so I shall be waiting for a while.

  4. I don’t have that many running, and those that I do work ok with 2.0 so that was ok

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