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Breathing in the Sky

Nursery day today, so kids have been there moslty. Last day tomorrow.

It was Stringbean’s last Ballet clss of the term, turned up there a found that it was a session for parents to sit in on while they should us the sort of things they ahd been doing, so much dancing and skipping around by cute little girls in ballet outfits :-) Also cute was Butterbean who did her ‘wobbly dance’ to the piano. I relaised afterwards that we had missed the last lesson last term – so it probably is a regular end of term thing. Helen will be disappointed to have missed it. And of course no piccies as I didn’t realise it was happening :-(

That’s it really, SB made a goodbye/thankyou card for the staff in her room at nursery – She did some good conifer treees on it – apprently it was a christmas tree shop.? :-) The sun was also setting she informed me so there wasn’t much sky below it.

On the topic of sky, yesterday I think it was she started talking about the sky and said that ‘we breathe in the sky’ – which I thought was an interesting way to put it. I did introduce the idea of the atmosphere being all around us and mentioned about the sky looking blue. But realised that it’s a rather intangible concept – ‘sky’ as more of a visual effect than a thing.

Had a little chat over dinner about things she might like to learn a bit about now that she will have finished nursery and we will have more time at home. She said that she wants to learn some more about space and said she wants to learn from the ‘picture books about things’ – which I assume meant the Picturepeadia and alll the other nice DK books we have. So we will see where that takes us.

Other than that Helen is away tonight, she has gone up to soem conference or training thing or something – in Leeds as it happens. so won’t be back until tomorrow night. So a bit late getting both kiddies to sleep – but me and SB had nice snuggle and read for her bedtime stories – a rather nicely illustrated book by Nick butterworth/Mick Inkpen as it happens retelling some of the parables Jesus tells in the bible. She did complain a few times, that the story of the Good Samaritan said the chap was bleeding where he got hit, but none of the pictures showed the blood! :roll: Followed by a lift the flap book of the nativity story (I think it’s the same one) – she’ll be wanting to go to church next :-)

I’ve whiled away much of the rest of the time, fiddling about and wandering around some new blogs starting from the 13th Carnival of Homeschooling over on Why Homeschool

This amused me , among other posts. I liked the album thing here – I liked her time line idea as well. There is a good debunking of anti home education critiscisms over on the Bonny Glen and talk of the idea of tidal homeschooling struck a cord.

One of the above is hosted on Homeschoolblogger and I’m wondering if I should be linking to it or supporting the boycott, but I’m generally dubious about the effectiveness of boycotts. Though it seems here that this is boycott as a form of publicity tool to highlight the issue, rather than to ‘bring down’ HSB

The Apprentice

I think today is hte first task that I would have had dificulty doing. Not the selling per se – as that seemed to be a matter of confidence, and ‘qualifying’ [which seemed eminently reasonable], but selling cars. I know very little about cars. I would have become unstuck with the patter of what the car had, and as for valuing trade ins!

i was very impressed by Ruth’s sales – she just did know how to sell, and does exactly what she says on the tin. Not sure that this makes her the best candidate for Alan Sugar’s apprentice, but would certainly make her my top choice for a car saleswoman! [there were 9 candidates, 20 cars in total sold, and she sold 6 of them - just under 1/3!]

well, not sure why its worth a blogpost! Just becaus I can I expect

Calm before the storm…

well, for me anyway.

Lovely day today. Sun shining and all is well with the world. Sb happily did her Singapore maths 1A – we are still in term one allegedly, though doing this for some time. Not in a hurry. SHe’s confident enough to do the subtraction on her own, and was getting grumpy ‘cos it was all under 10 answers. So time to jump ahead! She then did a bit of a jolly phonics workbook – but said it was too easy. So after that mostly played with the dolls house and snappit donkey until lunchtime. sometimes with BB, and sometimes most definitely not.

After lunch she wanted to use the egg shells to grow cress in – no cress, so they now have basil. I didn’t supervise/help at all, and she quite happily got it all done, watered and ready for the propagator. i potted up a couple of the toms. She said she wanted to take a ‘window picture’ so here is one by her.
IMG 1281 IMG 1287

She then fancied going to the park, so we all got dressed, and she cycled there with the stabilisers on, got to the field, they came off and have stayed off. BB stayed for ages in the swing – SB hated swings at this age, but BB loves them. SHe was also particularly thrilled with the slide. She clinbed up with chris’s supervision, and I made sure she didn’t fly off too fast – well, i took a puiicture once and she did…

IMG 1316

they both seesawed, and then Sb had a great treasure hunt game, and we lefted righted and walked 6 ‘places’ etc to find the fruit snacks. BB had a whale of a time running about and trying to climb up.
IMG 1328 IMG 1305

SB was grumbly at home, and BB asleep, so some book reading went on, and another snack. We then decided to cook for tea, and she chose aztec tortillas. Like a good HE Mum, i went to find various books with Aztec bits in them, so she read the romans pages! [ok extrapolated from pictures!], while I got the stew going – beans, corn squash and pepper. When she started doing the tortillas, I the read various Aztec facts to her, and she remembered a few to tell Chris. DInner was a resounding success anyway!

IMG 1343

IMG 1339

IMG 1356

We have finished the day watching the planet earth on video, and it was a great one, all about caves. I was lucky enough to study in borneo for 3 months of my training, and have seen the bats exit and swifts ingress into the caves. We did race all the way back to the hut in the dark absolutely terrified though [4 girls without guide!]Now i know that bloody huge wierd thing was a giant centipede! luckilly didn’t have to climb the guano mountain, though did have to throw away a daypack, as never got the guano stains out of it… Confirmed my belief that even if I was thin, I could never be a caver.

Now going to watched a videod Apprentice [I fell asleep with SB...]

Oh and this having more than one blog business is a nightmare!

I am a generous inventor – thanks Merry [i found the thing difficult to paste into wordpress btw]

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how you react with others – you are generous

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Oh bugger

I have spent the last however long – at least since friday – thinking the 27th was a tues, so rang dad to say happy birthday, he says it is yesterday, and today is the 28th.

bugger bugger bugger. And i forgot to give him the cheque for his golf clubs in the card.

How crap a daughter is that.

Good thing he loves me.

oh dear

I think i may have a touch of Nic’s recent problem…

the beans went tp Chris’s parents today, and seem to have had ajolly time – SB made some biscuits and watched cbeebies [all she can remember!] And BB was a bit grumbly – well, she should have had some sleep! SB did a nice hama car with the big beads.
When we all met upm SB confessed to doing no match and sort, so she did 4 pages explode the code 2, and 4 of singapore primary maths 1a. we are certainly not rampaging through the maths at the mo! However, there is no rush, and i think she is happier that the match and sort is a bit easy, and she gets tested with the sweetie games we play – and seed sowing multiplication! Anyway, she is mostly consolidating 10′s and units, so needs to play her jojo in numberland some more. We did various imagination games, musical statues – BB lost!

I ‘felt unwell’ so bailed out of high interactiveness, but Sb wanted me to read her some of her waiting usborne young readers – and being mean I refused. I reminded her that they are going to be our fun books together when she reads. So she read a red nose reader cover to cover. I offered to get her the yellow ones, but she said she will read all the red ones first. TBH, i am not sure at what point you announce they read, but she certainly does. just needs practice!

I really have 2 most gorgeous girls.

messing about

How You Life Your Life
You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness. You’re laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think. You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences. You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren’t attainable.

mother’s day?

i am having trouble with my flickr badges!

mother’s day didn’t really happen here, as Baby played up last night and Chris is not a limited sleep kind of chap!

Anyway, we had a potteringy day, and I did get a card at lunchtime.

IMG 1188

Before you all point out the hama heart

IMG 1238

I made it for my Mum’s birthday!

So, we did some hama, and SB made another mothers day card for Nana F, having decided she didn’t like the other one. I went to check on veg patch, and came back with asparagus seeds, so we sowed them.

IMG 1191

We all went outside in the afternoon and generally messed about, playing games and hide and seek. Chris managed to plant another fruit tree.
IMG 1234 IMG 1214

Then in for some final hama-ing. I read some usborne stories from around the world,
and threaded hama
for window decoration. Thats about it.

IMG 1243 IMG 1247

And I so needed to feel good about myself as well today as a very hard week at work ahead. :cry:

well, we have started our garden blog

here. lots to put into it at some point! [link on sidebar]

Wallpaper patterns

Butterbean was a total pain last night, woke up around 2.30 – 3 am, basically spent the next 11/2 – 2 hours crying before going back to sleep. I got so fed up stting on her bed that I came downstairs to watch something on the TV. I think she slept from 4.30 to 6, but I didn’t really.
I did how ever learn that there are only 17 types of wallpaper patterns on some program on BBC2 (it’s all to do with the mathematic of group theory or somesuch – and with how you can repeat a pattern on a plane)