2010 photoday

I can no longer remember who set the ball rolling for these, bt think it might be jax. we have done a photomeme day every year since 2005, except this one. SO I am remedying this error! As long term readers of the blog will know, daddybean is the main home educator, and i am the nagger/facilitator that gets carried away by buying supplies to assuage my guilt at being a working mum! but i don’t, as a rule, work wed and weekend. SO i thought i would blog today, as typical or atypical as any other home ed day. we currently follow an eclectically resourced child led approach for SB, and autonomous [with occasional nudges] for BB :wink:

so this morning. daddybean up and out as he has a sailing course to go on [lucky daddybean!]. my mum was next up as BB and I were having a tickle and raspberry blowing fight in my bed – TBH, i was trying to maximise my horizontal time! we also play love sums, as in i give her 2 sums, and she tells me which one is the one i love her [tradition says this is the one with the largest figure!] so 4 +7 or 10 – 3. she is pretty good at it. she then scampers downstairs whilst i get up, dressed etc and rouse SB. bless her. she goes to sleep late and wakes up late. an owl like her mother! [tho i actually wake with the sun, and then try and laze!]. a snuggle and cuddle, and she too is up and breakfasting. grandad is up too, so a full house! My mum and dad have been staying since thurs eve. a short break, as with my sister not so well, they are highly committed to helping out with her kids. Dad had a golf match approx hours drive away, so a cunning excuse to visit. mum had chivvied the girls thro loads of home ed stuff the prev day, incl music practices. it is good when the girls are enthused about doing stuff, as my parents are def in the unsure of home ed category [and maybe privately even less positive!]

anyhoo! we are on today, and today started with games. SB loved card games, in partic donkey, and cos she can’t hold all her cards, a subtle peak usually enables me to ensure that myself or mum donkey most of the time. and today it was mum! she, obviously, is doing similar and we got ourselves into a huge giggle about it and were told off by SB. we then did some ds animal crossing. mum i think is quite addicted! and her other grandchildren also play it. she now has a hairdresser, so i dusted down ‘summerly’ and went to visit. also dropped off loads of different fruit and things with SB, who had deleted hers, and so restarted. dad moaned and groaned about dses being the bane of existance. he did this about videos, cds , laptops, digital tv etc etc. bless! so instead, he and SB played bowling on the wii!!! :lol:

lunch and we waved them goodbye as they needed to do some taxi-ing for my nephew now sis can’t drive. the girls had some money to burn at the sweetshop – at the end of the week we tot up BB dry nappies and SB fingernails [that are not down to the quick!] debate the answer and pay up! so some munching on sweeties whilst deciding what to do as too late to go out. so BB wanted to paint with glass paints some bug prints, and SB wanted to do oil painting and SotW. failed with the oils as couldn’t find turps. SB did some really lovely watercolours instead. i read about the ottoman turks from SotW and we did lots of chit chatting too, all sitting in the shade in the garden by the rabbits. Unfortunately, our rabbits have acquired digging! Skittles is now 19.5 weeks and Snowy is 15.5 weeks, and female spaying usually happens between 4 and 6 months, vet dependent, so will need to keep an eye on how old they are!

general playing in the garden, an ice cream break! SB wrote some of her journal, we blew some bubbles and then SB noticed a baby bird too young to fledge on the ground near the wisteria. Chris had noticed a birds nest there before – putting a bit of a hold on window, and i had seen whiskey cat looking suspicious there earlier, before i shooed away. so we carefully got bird to hop onto some cardboard and then into a box, which we had rabbit hay some suet treat bird food and partially closed in the shade near the nest so it could calm down. when i went back to check, it was calmer and chirping, so i opened the box, tho it couldn’t get out, and put on ground nearish nest, and we looked to see if a mummy bird popped by at all. to our delight she did, shew s roughly where the nest may be, and after a number of false runs, did at least 3 feeding runs in our presence. phew! chris was due back, so we left as is, as he knew where nest was to pt back, and i didn’t want to disturb any other babies.

SB did some mathletics, which she says chris has started her on too easy a level. i dunno which. BB trailed with me as i made the dinner requested by bb on the BBC vegetarian summer magazine – basically cheesy potato, broccoli, cauliflower and pea. was yummy! chris returned and placed baby bird in nest [removing a dead chick] and we saw several more feeding runs, so all ok. He also sorted out the concrete slabs under the rabbit run :cry: as we can’t have them on grass now they burrow. seems v mean! ate yummy dinner in front of bang goes the theory, and there you are, the end of the home ed day. bedtime stories of the children of green knowe for SB and an usborne puzzle book for BB. no idea any more if typical, but we enjoyed each others company, when played together, talked together and learnt together.

and yes, i do plan to add a few photos!

addendum – looking for the link on amazon, i find that this is based upon a house in hemingford grey. when we have read the books, we may go and visit [by appointment only] anyone else likely to read the books and want to visit??

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