spontaneity and serendipity

It was a lovely sunny morning here. we had a slow start due to a bit of internet messing about and silliness with friends last night :) in fact, the same messing about is slowing me down blogging tonight :) it is fun to have fun, but you have to know how :lol:

It became clear tho that dadybeans slow start wasn’t just tiredness, and that perhaps he wasn’t going to go out and about today. one of the potential things on the calendar had been a christmas thing at a place near us. but instead, serendipitously and fortuitously [or something] we managed to arrange for sum -1 [i can't find the button that will give me the right key as it were] of us to meet up with sum -1 of the manor borns and going geocaching to a christmas themed walk. it was great, a balmy 8 degrees, easy location to park, arrived pretty much simultaneously. SB was desperate to give Mi the present she had made her, and MDJ a present so he wouldn’t feel left out :) they both seemed happy.


Initially we looked for some numbers that were supposed to be near the carpark for a later geocache destination, but we couldn’t find them :( so moseyed to the christmas tree – v obvious, and the micro easy to locaate with coords for the main cache. we added some decs to the tree and then went to find the main cache. SB was enjoying getting muddy etc rather than being a bit more logical, so BB found it [with a few hints :) ] nice big box and lots of swaps done. placed in a travelbug of ours, as think it is a cache that will see a fair bit of visits before xmas.

P1090662 P1090695

then, whilst picking up directions for the secret santa one, we stumbled across 6 digits on a bridge, a quick conflab between me and MDJ and we decided that they could be the same as the ones we should have found by the carpark. we plugged them into the clue, and it was a possible, so we saved that for a 3rd geocache. the way to the santa a bit muddy, but we got there. luckilly mi had made and brought secret santas so could be swapped and everyone happy. MDJ got the best one tho i think, as the wherewithal to set up at least 2 geocaches :) he was v happy :)


so we went towards the hoped for coords of the final cache, and we were lucky again :) both girls enjoyed scampering for the caches, they were all big box caches rather than micros – always goes down well. a successful day geocaching :)

we returned to Mi house via a v wendy path :) had a delicious dinner, girls were true to their personalities ;) and we did get some chance to chat, though with such avid earwiggers, actual gossip was difficult ;) . their renovation work looking good tho. returned at a much more sensible hour and packed girls off to bed, found a few words of sympathy for DH and messed about on ‘puter. about to go to bed myself now :)

3 responses to “spontaneity and serendipity

  1. Was lovely to see you, thank you for making the suggestion. Xx

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