so a catch up on last week

which is going to be really quick! partly cos besides the weds i wasn’t there much, DH would be better blogging!!
monday SB had her grade 4 ballet exam and thinks it mostly went ok, but her partner went wrong in the character dance and she got all fulstered. She has certainly worked hard at getting some arm poise and timing with music – 2 things that don’t come naturally – so we shall see :) SB also did the primary maths challenge. The results are back and she comfortably got a silver. She might have got a gold had she done a bit more reading the question :) but she and I were pleased as got a bronze last year. Also, what I liked about it was the stretching and discussion about maths which she may not have done yet, or not in that form. I was also impressed at how she aimed to answer the last 5 – one she got right, and 2 she was clearly on the right track. Last year she couldnt do those at all :) . She did some of her ticksheet things on monday, and bb did some reading, explode the code and new spelling book – which she likes :) and base 10 practice – which she isn’t so sure about!!

Tuesday I think was devoted to angry birds and pigs making by the entire family [well those not at work!] When I came back from work they all looked stunning. DH put lots and lots of time and effort into this birthday cake. Luckilly it was all worth it, as BB was so excited and happy :) Although suggested he could make money from this, i think not, if labour was charged the price was prob equiv to wrapping in gold leaf!!

thurs i imagine was a slow get up and goodbye to all the overnight party guests!! i only made it home near midnight so no idea, but think it was prob a chill day :)

friday was arts award. Some fab work done again. I do think arts award is fantastic opportunity. They did metal etching and then stamping. BB did have help with hers from DH – she has help most weeks as aimed for older kids, but she is definitely better at not stropping and wailing if it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, and tho heavily helped, i think it gives her confidence. SB loves it, and is also getting more and more adventurous and skilled.

they came back in time for SB’s friend from guides to have a sleepover. All went really well, some wii-ing, playing e5c etc and far too lare sleeping – again! A bad week for sleep, noticeable at the weekend.

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  1. C only did 2 of the last non multiple questions – I think her not knowing her multiplication tables slows her down and she runs out of time. She’s alright though, but “could do better”.

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