january wodensmeets

i have had 2 fab wodensmeets this jan, a group meeting at le ciel rouge of currently 4 active families, tho 3 others remain ‘on the books’ for if they ever make it. I don’t think that they will any more tho :( which is sad, because i miss you. however, one of the fab things about home ed is the ripples of water over pebbles effects, and you may run well in a channel for a while, you may meet a pebble and separate for a while, but you are still part of the overall stream, and you never know when you might run close again in the future.

Anyway, the theme for this term is physics and animation [sort of!] with me doing the physics using realscience4kids [tho actually i don't the experiments are as good as the text, the text is fantastic and easy to understand and grasp, and the experiments are easily jazzed up a bit!] and nattye doing animation with her fab hue box

So we have looked at the first 2 chapters of physics, thrown balls in the air, attached string and thrown the, whirled them around, then weighed and used slinkies to show fruit doing work, and calculated this in Nm and joules. [no pound yards or other weird stuff for me!] and hopefully ppl might make their own newtonmeters! the online forum for us to encourage children was initially succesful, but thinking i am a bit lone voice currently!!

We have animated eggbox critters [well, i had had to go to work that afternoon!] going to a disco and being sick! and then animated a drawing – bb volcano, and sb a house. hoping to work out how to put them on the blog. v v succesful! have the hue thing sitting in the amazon basket awaiting me to feel a bit more flush!!

for art, organise by lecielrouge we had portraits the first week – sketching in any style one of the other kids and then seeing if identifiable – they all did a fab job with different styles. then last week we first did some natural weaving with dowsing sticks and wool – some fab results to put on flickr! and some afircan art inspired animals [with a bit of australia creeping in :)

we did some poetry the first week with merry, but the second she was inconveniently planning to give birth ;) woohoooooo and little dance to the safe arrival of Ben :) :) :) music usually gets done in some form – sb does piano prac and often some recorder with e, and a singsong around the piano. and just milling about :) going on a tangent etc.

Currently i think it is working nicely. i would like the opportunity to build in a little something french – even if it is just listening as you craft. v happy :)

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  1. Love the pebbles in the stream analogy. Cant believe how much the hue kit currently is! You can download the free version of the software and use any webcam too.

  2. We’re sure it was a lot less at the ideal home show.

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