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since the jubilee post we have been doing things ;) ‘bookwork’ has been going on, SB has started 5B singapore maths, BB has finished 2 explode the code, and is also now reading level 5 of oxford reading tree and songbirds quite happily. Lots and Lots of clarinet practice with grade 3 imminent. I am practicing too, as accompanying her – eek!! the girls have been to some home ed groups for multisports, a forest-school type thing and arts awards, which they do regularly and really enjoy with our local HE group CHEF. We topped up our fish tank with some platys as have found a new home for at least some of the baby mollies :)

SB did an additional fab workshop set up through a fab musical friend last week which was to make a recorder. They went somewhere where mollenhauer recorders can be made from kit form, and also more basic recorder type heads. SB loved this, and came home with a great recorder having enjoyed the day. BB instead was treated to a day at Duxford since she is too young to make recorders. She loved that, loved the tanks and guns, and bought an airfix spirfire kit from the shop. All happy :)

That evening we were joined by E and family, ostensibly to fix a kirtle but actually to chat, eat dinner a bit late, have kids not go to sleep and then be cranky the next day etc etc ;)

Next day was wodensmeet’WedEd at zoes. I had to go into work first :( so was v grateful that E could take my girls. they did some watercolour painting and some sewing of lavender animal pockets. all great :) science was making electromagnets which worked well until the plastic around the wires at the top of the batteries started to smoke… oops! luckilly we had a solution :) and the experiment worked. We have nearly finished the physics real science for kids. Merry did a poetry session which both girls enjoy. I think there may have been homework, we haven’t done it. BB had a too tired fail moment, but did eventually recover. we also made mediaeval cheese and onion pies using hot dough white flour this time] which was actually really yummy. hoping this will be an acceptable recipe for kentwell [in a making it up kinda way :) ] we left to go to judo – bb predictably falling asleep, but loved the judo.

fas forwarding to the weekend. i was def feeling rubbish, migraine for too long and just no energy whatsoever. like living in a treacle-arium. :( . however, lots of final crafts for craft show needed making, so the girls decorated their 5 buns, made sure they knew what they were entering for what, and I assisted SB in making sweets out of her elderflower cordial. They worked pretty well TBH, as i had to completely make up the recipe. the day was enlivened by a surprise visit by TheBabs and family :) who stayed over as well. We got to play Aqua Romani, which we all enjoyed, and is a really interesting game [and short] chatted, put the worlds to right, hoped someones static moving was going fine [:( it didn't, but hope it wall all be alright in then end] and shepherded very tired kids to bed a bit late :) they were a bit cranky the next day, but we did provide pancakes :) :) It was the craft fair, as always fun, some odd decisions, but light hearted and merry. The girls were happy, BB had a first and 2 second places, SB a first and a third place. we also won a prize on the rraffle – quality street :) so a good weekend.

mon and tues have been tidying days, clarinet prac and some bookwork, but glorious weather so a fair bit of out and about in the garden for the girls. BB also made her airfix spitfire I was at home today and we had a part historyetc and part playing in the garden as only Z was here, and both our families felt up for more of a playdate. The girls did make an aztec game together and tortillas, and SB did read all about them from a history book. But jumping in and out of the paddling pool screeching was altogether more fun :) . SB pieces are sounding pretty good most of the time for her clarinet exam this sat, and scales are getting there. both girls judoing, and then having a frisby competition ;) Also today we have finished the pyrography of our plates for kentwell, and SB has been a bit over enthusiastic on her belt. oh well!!

DH has been making some yummy meals from hugh fearnly whittingstalls veg book as well

book links [i am amazon affiliate but bringing in diddlysquat currently etc ;) ]

wow, that was a big blog :)

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  1. That’s cos I have stopped buying books ;)

  2. Recorder making was fun. Was a mollenhaur recorder tho not a moek :p

  3. oops – changed ;)

  4. Was lovely to pop by. xxx

  5. lol kirsty ;0

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