2013 photoday

I am off work this week, and thought that we would have a bit of a staycation. partly finances and partly needing a breather and to feel i belong at home. SO i decided that perhaps monday i would do a photoblog day. partly to show what we are doing currently, and also because it was a mostly home day, and i am more wary of taking photos of other kids, partic those whose parents don’t blog etc.

we got up and breakfasted. my parents were still here, so we chatted with them. BB happily got started with her collins grammar and punctuation. it is a book that i hope will be very simple for her to give her the confidence to run through it and feel good about herself. she enjoyed it, she found it easy, and she was happy to do it :)

SB meanwhile was also doing some bookwork, with first the igcse geography about paris and then igcse biology about yeast.
this does take a while, and we looked at balanced equations for a bit. we also had a chat about how to do the description of the city etc. i like home educating ;) . SHe chose both these books as she decided she liked the format of them, and they are easy to read. However, the answers aren’t always in the text, and this can be a bit frustrating for her [and me, trying to remember!!] but the books are well written, and they make sense about why you are learning what you are learning, and how they are presented.

obviously BB was finished far more quickly, so got to have a zelda phantom hourglass masterclass from my mum :) . it was quite extended, thought she did have a break to read aloud to me, and she chose an apple tree farm book. SB was still beavering away with the geography and biology.

finally sb finished the biology and took a phantom hourglass break with mum and BB came and did a piano practice with me. She is moving on quite quickly with me doing the practices with her, and will hopefully get over all the starter humps and feel a bit secure.

We stopped and had lunch – delicious home made butternut and sweetcorn soup – we all love it :) . The dad took SB into the garden for a swing and put of some golf balls. A last game – or 3! – of Uno and then we sadly said goodbye to mum and dad, but we had had a lovely time alltogether

SB and BB then did a massive count up of their money. DH has been sorting out the kichen and ‘room of doom’ [utility] and divvied up the small change found between the 2 of them. I counted it as BB’s maths as she was sorting into piles of 20p and then multiplying up [or adding] SB did do some more work in her singapore maths 5B, which she has pretty much finished bar a few pages.

SB did some clarinet practice, TBH, not sure exactly what she should be practicing, but thinking all playing has to be helpful, and hopefully she will write down what her teacher says next week! mostly she was doing all the things she likes at the end of team woodwind

BB went on to do some baking. For xmas, dh and i got a cupcake stand and BB was v desperate to use it. so we made chocolate cupcakes. She pretty much does most of it herself, and she claims to be ‘addicted to cracking eggs’ lol :)

SB went off for her ballet lesson followed by gym, where she got her bronze award :). In ballet the teacher wants her to enter a competition, so she is having a couple of extra friday lessons too. she seems very happy about this idea. BB went off whilst i was clearing up, and i came back to find her reading aloud a magic key book :) Glad she is really getting confident about reading. we went upstairs to put dirty clothes in laundry basket and give the bedroom a bit of a sort. She then showed me the horrible science book she is reading in bed, as she had bookmarked an experiment she wanted to do :) :) . did i say i loved home ed?

we had curry and rice for tea, and then watched a pretty weird film of SB’s choice on lovefilm – all about ‘holly boy’ . it is innocuous enough i guess, but not coming with a recommendation from me. :) .

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