wodensmeet – food science and week catchup

Last week was a getting back into gear week. Both girls are using conquer maths at the moment a bit. Mostly for BB, as she likes learning on a computer [doing anything on a computer] so thought we would trial it instead of singapore maths.SB we hope will continue with singapore maths. however hasn’t done any for ages it turns out, as has lost her protractor! [if she had only said!!!!] sigh. lots of activities. Monday SB has ballet and gym, they are working for grade 5 ballet and her bronze gym. from next week she will start fornightly clarinet lessons on monday as well. tuesday is pottery day [i think alt weeks, but sb thinks weekly now] both love this, and this time they were making witch pots [or something] which they then shaped. tues eve is also swimming for both. weds is wodensmeet – more later, then judo for both. thurs pm is multisports for both and then in the eve cubs for BB and guides for SB. BB has only just started to go to cubs – breath holding moment for dh and I as in the past she has been so reluctant to start and get going to new things [cf judo!] but she is happy and enjoying it. We have agreed she can give up gym, which used to be on a thurs, on a one club in, one club out deal – not that she had to give it up! friday is ‘wild place’ – a kind of forest school idea i think. since they meet crossover groups of friends on tues, weds, thurs and fri, i can’t think of this as being unsociable, let alone unsocialised! It does however making settling down to do some bookish stuff more difficult, as there needs to be mooch time, fiddling about time, reading book or kindle time, wasting time on the internet, finding stuff time etc etc :)

Anyway back to wednesday and wodensmeet.

Merry and girls there as well this time, so BB particularly happy as she loves J and misses her when she isn’t there and comes alive when she is :) . they did most things together, and were particularly cute when they were playing penguins in the snow, and having snow eggs they needed to pass between each others waddling feet – awwww.

for the science this week we looked at a couple more food related experiments – the benedicts test and the biuret test. since merry has the delectable bene, i think we will all remember that benedicts tests for sweetness ;) . we used the biology experiments website for the tests, made up our own benedict solution, and used powdered eggwhite instead of albumin. the children had all had a chance to look at a variety of websites eg s-cool and bbc bitesize as well as chapters in their [different] biology books so they had some background and wider interest in things. I was v impressed at what they knew, and also remembered from the starch experiments. the first group of 5 did the glucose and protein test, but also did an additional sugars test, to see if benedicts worked on all sugars, using fructose [fruit juice] dissolved sugar and the glucose – it doesn’t work for sucrose. the second group did an additional protein test -chees [we didn't have any meat] and it did work for that. The reactions were a hit because they are obvious, pretty colours and clearly work. also the doing the experiments are interesting. I love science ;) .

biuret test

Of course, science wasn’t the only thing going on :) there was drawing of trees and snowflakes, SB and E did some recorder together, SB some music theory, having remembered a board game, ‘survive’ was played. lots of adult crochet going on! but mostly there was lots of play and snow play since it was Ams last visit as going to school – we will miss her liveliness!!


But my iphone ran out of charge, so no more pics!

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