the weekend

more uneventful than planned! BB, due to good behaviour, got to go to a film sat morning. unfortunately, once it was booked she had a massve meltdown and the weekend has been… interesting. Anyway, glossing swiftly, we went to see despicable me 2, which we both really loved, made us laugh lots, and was v companiable. pretty much the high point of the weekend :) . She did manage to visit a tile shop [we didnt find what we wanted] and a bathroom shop – agreed principles for each item – before coming home. erm, fast forward…

Today i had hoped to take advantage of the lovely weather and go to brancaster beach to meet aunty m. unfortunately bb less keen, so a day at home. BB read some fact books to me :) and after some negotiation, we did a piano practice, which went well. we then did loads and loads of lego :) she is now happy to box things by colour/shape rather than by set – phew – as it helps her find the right thing when she wants to build a not-set. this is something of a breakthrough :) :) yippee :). our dining room table is covered.

General living General living

we did some painting – mine as a practice run – post to follow! and hers she went wrong so no pic. she was happier on windows paint ;) and then did a fair bit of play with her dinosaurs.

we had a phone call with SB. – blogged!

and ended the day with david attenborough hearing about the development of backbones and hip joints :)

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