week 40 2013 ticksheet

a good week, bb is getting the grips of working. it isn’t much – 4 things prob is only an hour in the day – but it is the pattern of doing something! she is reading more, and not just on the sheet, but general reading, which is great :) and is finding conquer maths easy. she is also liking the new piano routine, again v quick, usually less than 10 mins, but is doing spontaeous piano practice, and that seems better than 20 mins once or twice, of which half of that is wailing! thankyou gina :) . and having done 20 things, she has a schliech animal – even better. since ‘completing’ her ticksheet, we have done baking, diy and watched 2 fact things. so in fact over and above ;) . well done BB :) . she has also got a new cubs badge, enjoyed swimming and happily gone to judo [for a schliech animal, but hey, she went with no fuss and enjoyed it]

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