9 years ago I gave birth

to our second and last child, BB. She was 15 outrageous days overdue! A straightforward birth pretty much, in the pool until the end, DH only just making it in for the last bit and a 9lb whopper that had a something of the look of a klingon or schnauser. Love at first sight :) . DH had also his own creative moment, and started off this blog. BB has given us 9 years of joy and delight and love. clearly also with the worries, concerns and trials and tribulations of parenthood. All completely delighted in, all completely worthwhile. The blog has recorded much of this, polyanna style and particularly in the early years a joyful place to chat with friends too. I do miss the commenting. So, his and hers creations, but ultimately both together and shared.

Happy Birthday BB :)
BB newborn


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