oh dear! back to work again?

home ed is a very flexible thing, and so far this year we have had a week off [end of xmas/new year/holiday orch] 2 weeks work and then a week off [including me this time! for centerparcs] so 50:50 on the working and not working balance. so this one was another good worky worky week for both girls, and hence on the boring side for blogging!

after centerparcs we spent some of the weekend at nanna french’s [and i got my finger xrayed at the nearby walk-in centre] and otherwise chilled and played games. the week, as I said, was mostly worky in nature. we did play games of various sorts with both girls, snuggled and watched some good tv programes [dh and i enjoying wolf hall]. have been writing an en famille application, this time for 3 months only. SB has done hers, and i love that she is proud of beating barbara in a game!

i was working the weekend, but sb has gone on an independent shopping trip into town by bus, meeting a friend there and then getting the train back to her house for a sleepover. how independent is that :) . BB loved the tiny amount od snow we had, and made a snowman in minature.

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