busy week

this week was more of an out week – reflecting what is covered in the tick sheets! monday was the dentist, and BB has done ok at teeth cleaning, though sb still could do better. A french lesson as well. BB and i finished our epic game of agricola – sh prefers it spread over 2 sittings! tuesday a worky bookish day.

Tues evening SB had her passing out parade at air cadets. She has moved from Jflight to A flight – woot woot! I would have loved to ahve been there, but unfortunately I was working till nearly 10, and called back in the night :( . DH and BB watched tho, and took some photos and were very proud of her.


Weds was weds4ed. Having started with such a terrible night and a consequent migraine, I listened in to thebabs leading gcse maths about straight lines, chatted with em whilst K did some art poems with the others. BB did a wonderful mood poem/photo. After lunch I got my act together, and talked about the period table, history, how it works in families. a wander to atomic numbers and atomic mass [the mass vs weight thing!] and then to the nitty gritty of electrons, protons and neutrons and how that works to fit into the families, how they react and calculating everything! [ie NACl but H2O from looking at the outer shell of electrons. We also discussed that the shell idea was a bit outmoded now, and we could consider there being a mixture of shells and petals for levels 2 and 3, and this was extension work for them to look at. And then whilst we were talking, we made some elements. handily made out of stuff home educators have – hama beads, copper wire and a hot glue gun :)

Weds4ed periodic table feb 2015Weds4ed periodic table feb 2015Weds4ed periodic table feb 2015Weds4ed periodic table feb 2015

some playing minecraft by those that like it. and a great recorder/musical ensemble by those that don’t [or even if they do, get a lot out of playing ensemble music together :) ] and lots of parental chatting. Both girls did judo together. from next week SB will be alternating judo with marching band on a weds, and will therefore do judo alternate mondays too. our lives seem to be busying up. Another thing under consideration is skating on a thurs fortnightly…

thursday was multisports and maybe something else, as i think they were out most of the day, and friday was conservation. the numbers at conservation are dropping to the small side, so not sure how much longer that will carry on for. As DH said, whilst BB enjoys it, he is happy to run it.

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