running up to xmas

having got a bit behind on blogging, and so much has happened, this is going to be a bit of a quick one!

SB worked hard, predominantly on English right up until the weds, when people started to arrive for christmas. Since she was leaving for spain straight after christmas, will do no english out there, and as soon as she returns there will be a month before the exam. eek! fairly hopeful she will pass, but clearly she would like to do better than just scrape a pass in english. her maths practice papers are going well, mostly a’s, and some time before the exam with ability to practice when she is in spain, as that wont disrupt the language acquisition! the chem papers are at the c level, and thinking that she will pick that up with full on revision and past papers on her return, as this is just a learning thing and was where she was at when we started the biol past papers [albeit with a months more revision time] last year. she is good at head down working tho! she got the monday off, meeting up with friends including C from SOTP at a point chosen because it was roughly equidistant, and both could get an easy train journey there. They all had a lovely time decided to visit a museum of the civil war, and then do an historical building trail. Yep, my role as home educator here is done, she is a self educating teen :) . oh, and we played some games!


BB and I did some crafting. we carried on with the wire crafting that SB had done fore weds4ed. we also made hama bead stars and little angles and shapes out of choc coin wrappers :) ( these were quite inventive!) . we had planned to do some baking – which we did eventually. We made a mary berry recipe yule log. we have LOADS of eggs currently as the hens are all laying each day, so 21 eggs a week. What delayed us, though, was a sudden fault in the wiring, so we helped DH chase wires all around the house. he did find the area, though not the specific fault. it was a good thing tho, as it was the kitchen that was affected due to weird wiring of the past!


we also gave ourselves a bit of a treat and went to see star wars! we all thoroughly enjoyed it, so a good time was had by allĀ  :)

star wars

oh, and i bought some xmas jumpers in the sale on a whim ;)

xmas jumpersxmas jumpers

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  1. Late blogs just make the fun of Christmas last longer :-)

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