back to reality!

I have to say, that my reality for the month of january has, on the whole, been a great big amount of coughing! Particularly for the first couple of weeks anyway! For DH, it has been a start of DIY spring with finally replacing the kitchen sink :) and BB has been struggling to return to the routine of some regular stuff that could be considered home ed!

we are concentrating on progressing with maths and eniglish this term. in part, because we have been doing division for ages as bb seems to have a pathological aversion to times tables. we are using conquer maths and some workooks and repetitioni. for english we are still using the collins primary english series. apart from that, lots of crafts, fact books and programmes, lego and museums.


6 responses to “back to reality!

  1. Love the sink – though it is the wrong way round for me! I like the drainer on the RHS.

  2. I agree with Michelle, I like the drainer on the other side. How is the game challenge coming along? (Michelle–I can’t seem to find your blog–did you take it down? These are the only 2 I tend to read!)

    • ok, i am going to do a blog, then a catch up :) then going to say something about the games. prolonged lack of blogging tend to occur when there has been a life hiccup a bit too big to polyanna over. but we are sort of at the otherside of one of the 2 big bumps that happened at the same time, and just kinda adjusting to the other one. deep breaths and moving along! both affect me, but neither are mine to blog about.

  3. @elizabeth it should still be there.

    I’ve set it to not use search engines so in theory (my head theory – it’s all too magic and I don’t understand how it all works!), you need to know the address to get to it.

    There’s the other place I blogged at for a while that was ours and hosted separately but that got a virus and infected stuff so I’m scared of that now and went back to the original one.

  4. argh! to blog that means i need to sort out the flickr albums!

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