rest of christmas – the at home crew!

we had a bit of a ‘home and away’ scenario come tuesday. i was back at work, mum and dad had agreed to stay with M and E until weds, as DH was taking SB off to Spain and her en famille exchange.

so having had a goodbye to SB, the others had a chilled day at home, playing with lego, on the wii, generally being laid back after xmas. On the wed, grandad took them ice skating [i was the driver!] it was pretty windy, but dad and i found a sheltered place to stand whilst we watched them skate crazilly. only e and bb, as m wasnt so keen on skating. a treat at the cafe later and we were back home. mum and dad, m and e went home in the afternoon leaving me and bb to snggle and watch films on tv until dad came back at about midnight.


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