SB in Spain – week 2 – festival of Kings

Clearly there isnt going to be so many words about SB in Spain as her Spanish hosts are not internet savvy types so I’m not going to get any photo updates or words from them, so relying on the odd photo that SB or SPD might post up, and words in our 30 mins phone call!

SB and family were v excited about the festival of kings. This is another christmas with present giving and socialisation and laughter. We had packed a lot of English gifts for all the family members we could think of, and some general foods for those that we might not as a ‘family gift’ . We also got a jolly ‘xmas’ theme t-shirt for SPD’s dad. Apparently he liked it a lot! SB got some gifts in return that she was v happy with, and also they have a lucky dip type thing for all the cousins, leaving her with a vibrating banana!!

the procession was excellent, and SB put a few photos of that up for us to see.



On the Friday, following a bit of a kerfuffle with getting all the documentation required for the Spanish school, she started there. So there is a first day at school photo! Life should settle down a bit now, as there have been lots of late nights and late starts.


6 responses to “SB in Spain – week 2 – festival of Kings

  1. Procession looks awesome. We’re not so good at processions here. Some places do lantern processions but not near us. Wish they would (no – I don’t wish this enough to want to organise anything!)

  2. Look what I found! U.K. Premier event

    Chiswick so not terrifically convenient :-(.

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