beating the january blues!

I am not a big fan of January! christmas is over, it is often dull, grey and rainy, and it seems a long way away from Spring. So most years we have had a centerparcs holiday in spring, and this was no exception :)

first, tho, BB and I made a quick weekend visit to my parents, also feeling a bit post Xmas blueness. we had a lovely time, played lots of games and BB managed to come out ahead on buying an ex window display schleich plane with 75% off – result! goes with her safari animals :) . it snowed, which was fab


pretty much as soon as we came back, we were off to centerparcs! always wonderful. i wasnt as active this time :( as unfortunately i had some rotten chest infection after flue, so was struggling to breathe a lot of the time! however, fab friends, lots of laughter, and little B to play with in the lagoon, and I had a fab time. BB enjoyed it a lot, having J and R there were perfect companions. we played lots of games, had a wonderful reinvigorating time. perfect people for a perfect holiday! thanks friends.




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