the real work starts here!

so, since SB is back from SPain, she needs to start her exam prep. originally the plan was to do english, maths, chem, physics and spanish igcse this summer. we dropped physics due to the spanish trip, and we have now dropped spanish as she has come home. so that leaves 3! therefore her home ed is rather predictable – chem, english anad maths!!! with some music, lots of air cadets and some game playing.

she did get an early birthday present of a rauchspfeife – which i hope she continues to enjoy! and obviously that means she has also had a birthday and is now 15 [eek! how do kids grow so quickly] , visited one of her favourite friends in yorkshire for the weekend as she is a confident traveller on trains, and got a merit in her grade 6 ballet – woot woot.


BB has been continuing on with doing her 5 a day. she is getting going again with piano, galore park junior history is proving a hit, she finished her collins primary¬† book 2′s and is finding the 3′s a bit of a leap forwards, so we are looking for something in the interim to get her accross the leap. she has been playing more board games and we are both addicts of tv antiques programmes.


so that is our basic warp and weft for the last month!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to her! That passed me by. Means C had a birthday too so happy birthday to him too. And now in March. Bit scary. Not sure where the time is going. Congrats too on the ballet. Xx

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