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Ticksheets week 10 2015

Fairly worky week. I think SB is getting fed up of exam work, so we have been mixing it up a bit but I am worrying a bit about how much there is! The French tutor is quietly confident that … Continue reading

Ticksheets week 1 2015

So, new year and new home ed push.

Week 45 ticksheets

You can see sb new sticker one!? [there is a star missing for igcse chem, and also an extra classical civ so 33, would really have liked another piano prac and some music theory in there!] . BB also did … Continue reading

Week 44 ticksheets

These ticksheets are showing us at our most worky oriented, as with sb in gcse mode and bb always reluctant to go out, we are doing our best! Sb this week stayed with friends having fun for 2 days, so … Continue reading

Week 43 ticksheets

So, sb is settling into working hard. Looking at her classical civ answers it is clear we as parents need to sit with her for her to learn how to answer and get marks – a skill in itself! This … Continue reading

Week 42 ticksheets

Only sb in here ( and she did some English and art since I took the pic and a piano lesson with me – taking to 35]. She has worked hard this week. Bb’s has got lost, but she also … Continue reading

Week 41 ticksheets

Bb was slightly demotivated this week but sb has been committed to working. Hope it is going in!

Week 40 ticksheets

Bb def into a routine! Sb is certainly working hard. We are aiming for 30 rather than 35 in a good week and trying to keep a core 20 as these gcse and prep for lessons and clarinet exams take … Continue reading

Week 38 ticksheets

Good week by both girls. Proud of what sb managed to achieve despite being out 2 full days and no weekend catchy uppy!

Week 37 ticksheets

A home a lot week, so some good solid work by both girls