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In blogging this, I have realised that with the upgrade, all our blog pages on the side seem to have disappeared :( as do lots of photos from the blog. hmm!! Every year in May since 2005 I have blogged a home ed day. This was last years. Here is this year’s home ed day. It is not at all typical as I am not the main home educator, and perhaps not the home educator at all. Over the last 2 years I have had too many balls to juggle, and I have thrown some hard at greenhouses, and others have slipped through my grasp tho still precious to me. Home education is one of the things I have let slip :( . Wednesday is still my home ed day though, and nearly every wednesday we go out to someone elses house, be it WedEd at Zoes or Music at Ginas or once a month History at mine. Today should have been WedEd, but i notified in advance a duvet day was needed, as working the weekend either side I felt i needed a connect day with the kids. So we were atypically at home. Also not a typical day, because many days they are out. this week Tues they were at a museum event, Thurs they are at a circus skills taster, fri is ‘the wild place’ so actually spending a whole day at home is unusual. What is usual, is that I only thought of doing it part way through the day, so the number of photos are a bit sparse!

We were all up by 9am as BB had a haircut. SHe has been hating brushing her hair or having it brushed, so she went out for a cut. When she came back we got going. Typically I was migrainous, so took tablets and attempted to recover. Our plan was to do a fair bit of bookwork in the morning, as so much of the week was out-and-about-ing, and then cook mediaeval pies in the afternoon, in preparation for Kentwell.

BB, therefore, started with painting :) . She had a paint by numbers kit of superheroes, and used her art easel [that was a good buy!] to steady it before doing the painting. SB started with clarinet prac for her grade 3 [no photo!]

Both then did a morning of bookwork things and we sat in the conservatory, which was just perfect ;) . BB said she planned to complete explode the code book 2, but after 4 pages declared that after all she wasn’t :) , SB has nearly finished Singapore Maths My Pals are Here 5A. BB then did some spelling and took down a dictated sentence. we had a bit of a disagreement that her ‘d’ looked to me like ‘p’ tho she said they were ‘D’ – leading me to read about hot-pogs. She then went outside to make things in her den and bounce on the trampoline. SB did a section of Galore Park science 1 on heat conduction, and then Galore Park English 1 . I hemmed my kirtle so a bit shorter and then poured walnut oil on our Kentwell wooden bowls to season them in the hope that they don’t crack when we use them. She finished her Rome Dk project book and joined bb outside whilst I sorted lunch.

Lunch had, we went outside and the girls swung, bounced and made dens and then we had a go at making our mediaeval pie. I planned to make one savoury and one sweet, but both insisted that they wanted to make an apple pie! so we made 2 apple pies :roll: . We followed a recipe for hot dough pastry tho we used wholemeal flour – to try and get used to it really, as we do prefer white flour pastry. It was straightforward to make, and that recipe made 2 good size pies. we sweated the apple with sugar and cinnamon before putting in the pie, but not sure how sweet the pies will be [or edible]. with the spare pastry the girks made a jam tart each.

Back out in the garden SB and I took turns reading a chapter of story of the world 2 – we are a long way behind where we should be for historyetc! BB listened and fished and went in her den. SB also bounced and ate pomegranate. Then there was a fair bit of bouncing :) whilst I sorted out some of our seedlings in the greenhouse.

Time for a final bit of bookwork outside. SB did some of her collins grammar, and BB did some singapore maths 1B, and then made a maths game to practice tens and units. we have gone back a step as realised she was struggling with HTU. more bouncing ;) . I made some wool little bags out of scraps.

finally BB went to judo for her grading – here she is in her white belt for the last time. SB is being graded as I type, fingers crossed, as we had thought her grading was next week, but it has been brought forward and she hasn’t practiced her patterns :(

Phew :) SB passed grading :) so we are watching star wars .

books used today:

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