Christmas Planning 2007

Hmm OK, so we have just done our 3rd big family christmas, and still haven’t quite got volumes right – but nearly there! so this is a kind of touch up.

lunch: soup and roll
Dinner: mixed veg curries with rice
to make: cauliflower and potato curry ; mutter paneer ; split yellow pea dahl .[ per 3 adults need 1 margarine tub dahl, 1.5 of each of other curries]

dinner: veg lasagne, mixed veg [+/- garlic bread]
tea: artichoke filo pastry and couscous, coleslaw and green salads. This was very nice, but I did spend too long in the kitchen. see if it can be frozen, or find a recipe that can!

To make: veg lasagna – 2 X square [serves 4], 2 X oblong – [serves 6]
for the artichoke and filo tart, 1 packet of filo, 2 tins artichokes, thinly slice garlic, tomato puree, thinly sliced olives, basil, grated parmesan. grill artichokes and garlic. butter each filo sheet, spread puree, olives and garlic, and quartered artichokes, drizzle with olive oil, add basil and grated parmesan [or ready grated mozarella!] serves 6 adults. couscous – 250g grammes couscous with butter and 400ml hot water. and allow to absorb. some olive oil and garlic paste and lemon juice – beat together to make emulsion and stir through. chop ready to eat apricots into small bits – approx 100g and stir through with coriander leaves. Serves 8


breakfast: croissants

lunch: soup

dinner: Vivien cooking

to make: vegetable soup


breakfast: stollen toasted, christmas muffins [1 per person], gammon

Dinner: Christmas dinner, turkey [my mum], chestnut veggie pie [chris mum], sprouts [8 per person], carrots[ 1 large carrot to 3 people], roasties, [3 potato and 3 parsnip pieces per person] red cabbage [c mum - not much], bread sauce [my mum], cranberry sauce, christmas puds [my mum - just 1 for adults and the chocolate one for children] brandy butter

Tea: cold spread , sausage rolls, turkey sandwiches christmas cake [my mum] [ we ate negligible amounts for tea, perhaps get the sandwhiches made up straight after lunch and wrapped and ready? and set the table out for buffet tea with crisps, pickles and no cook items]

to make: mincemeat muffins [done]; marmalade muffins done]; chocolate oatmeal muffins [done]; veggie sausage rolls; cheese scones; brandy butter [done]

Wed – BOXING DAY [4+9 [?+1]]

breakfast: leftover gammon, stollen toast, muffins [1 per person]
Dinner: ? pork, nut roast [chris mum], apple pies [chris's mum] [having 2 roast dinners was a PITA - probably due to extreme lack of assistance. I think if we did xmas at ours, I would say to my sister she had to do this meal, rather than the Xmas eve one. If we could get such a deal, I would suggest she was on washing up, table wiping and cups of tea duty Xmas day, and we were on boxing day, with us cooking xmas and her boxing. Before anyne thiks I am totaly mean asking guests to chip in, she doesn't have Xmas at her house, and is unlikely too, s i think doing a day should be OK. ALso, we want to see our children too!! If this not poss, then I would have a premade and frozen main meal]
tea: cold spread [quiches - we only ate 2], stollen, cheese, veggie spreads, pickles trifle [chris mum] trifle[chris's mum] [again, limited eating as had had second roast dinner]
to make: stollen [done]; quiches

Thurs [4+7]

Dinner: linda mccartney sausage and chilli bean hotpot

tea: something easy!

to make: spicy butternut squash soup; linda mccartney base

Fri - imagine most leaving in morning!


Alcohol , crackers, crisps, nuts, fruit, milk and bread

Helping hands

Mum – meat, christmas cake, christmas pud, bread pudding, wine
MIL – chestnut pie, nut roast, trifle, apple pies
Vivien – Mon dinner, crackers, beer, after dinner chocs

Remember this?

My Christmas list - colour coded too!Bought

Misc: various small nice chocs and nougat; scented tea lights; fir cones that change fire colour

To Make

fudge, christmas wreath cake [kids DK], creole christmas cake [done], stollen [done][both delia Xmas].seem to have lost the toffee recipe! ? this ? this. Milk/plain and white chocolate brazils, pecans and crystalised ginger [dad, sis, nan!] [done]

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