HE resources update 2010

I think every so often I am going to post the core resource books we use. These are the workbooky or series books that we have found suits our childrens style, that they are happy to use. This is not the sum total of our home ed, or even, particularly, the majority. Just the bits that others new to home ed can grasp as a possible resource series that may suit them. September being nearly over, there are always a few parents out there who are wondering what their other options might be! I would heartily recommend home education. For a bigger look at what we use, what we do and our style, up there near the picture is a row of links to our Mission Statements and some other kinda key thoughts splurged on the computer! And also if you look at our pages down the side, you can see some of the more as it happens thoughts!

Key Resources for our 9-10 year

Core resources:
Singapore maths my pals are here 4 this is the cheapest place to buy this maths series from!

french – we haven’t really found a good home for her yet, still looking, tho spent a lot of money now!

Major Supplementals:

Are the variety of books by these publishers in these series, as she likes the layout and variety.

and then we use lots and lots of books! from the library, book people, etc and DVD’s etc!

Key Resources for our 5-6 year old

Singapore Maths 1

We don’t spend the majority of our day at the kitchen table with nose in workbooks, but we do snuggle up and do the above on a regular basis as a core progression through! SUpplemented with reading/visiting/playing/crafting/experimenting and all the other stuff that makes home ed such fun. But I’m also not saying that this is ‘chore’ work, it is just another facet! And hopefully those new to home ed nosing around blogs can look at this list and get some ideas! Anyone else care to blog there core and most used resources?


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