History Plans 2010-2011

i have very much liked using this as a chronology backbone to history. We are now working our way through book 3. SB snuggles up and listens as i read the stories to her, and we often but not always supplement this by looking at other books we have for more details.

I imagine there are lots of ways of using this book, and certainly a quick google search brings lots of options! we are prob going for a fairly common approach! we have read it through and done a few bits of extra to tag on the side as a first read. we started when she was 5 – a fairly common start time! we have done less of the activities than i planned tho!

I don’t think we are going to do book 4 next tho, as my youngest is 5 already. instead i think we are going to go back and start book 1 again. this series is ‘designed’ to learning spiral around, and read 3 times in total in the classical way, but doing slightly differently on each turn, as the child is correspondingly 4 years older.

so next time, i plan to read to both girls, snuggled together and do the questions, and then ask SB to search in our books for more detail or another angle and read some of that to us [we have lots of other books!] and do the mapwork and some additional interest reading or writing herself [perhaps start the galore park book and work through the appropriate chapters as we get to them] and then hopefully with a group of friends have a monthly meet where we do the crafts as a mixed age thing. the friends needn’t have read SotW, but perhaps something about the age we are doing crafts on, and we can encourage some discussion on that. it might even work better if we have all used different sources.I can then maybe read some myths and legends whilst they are crafting. I think that would be fun!

I think I am quite excited! would tie in some visits – grimes graves, stonehenge, british museum, various roman bits and pieces! i think this would work well as a mixed age meet together, but adding on for those older. and we could always add a show and tell element to it as well for those that do nice things like lapbook, or who had visited something relevant etc.

[the galore park so you really want to learn... starts at 1066, so would move to book 1 of that when we move to book 2 of SoTW which we would hopefully do the next year]

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