where do you home educate?

I liked this blog by Nikki, who asked where do you home educate. As in, when you are at home, do you have a ‘space’ that you have the things you use, or snuggle to do it. She explicitly doesn’t want a list of all the places you go out and about, but the ‘home’ bit! [we home educators are quite keen on telling everyone we don't home educate 'at home' but everywhere you see!] I think this is quite a good idea, as September often sees quite a number of new home educators, who are a bit worried about the hows and wheres, so this is the home part of the where!

Anyway, we have some key areas we home educate – most of the downstairs and garden!

1. the ‘home ed’ area is where most of the books as well as toys and games are kept. I guess it is here that most of the book stuff goes on. as well as housing the computer. There are 2 ‘desk’ areas, but these aren’t often used for working at, but accumulating piles of things needing to be put away. :blush: The sofas are used for snuggling up on and ‘doing work’ either workbooks or fact books or me or chris reading to either or both.

IMG_5469 IMG_2269 IMG_2268 IMG_1217 P1010325

2. but in summer, partic if the weather good, we tend to try and move all this activity outside, to take advantage of the sun/warmth and to feel the seasons.

P1010295 IMG_3359

3. and now our conservatory has been rebuilt, i am hoping to use it more in the winter as well to do things in. This pic is taken before it got unuseable.

IMG 1162

4. Our kitchen table is the prime scene for messy crafts and also science experiments.

P1010662 IMG_2953

5. and the front room is sometimes used for music prac, has the TV for DVD watching, and a sofa for snuggling too…


I hope that gives a flavour of where we home educate when we are at home! Thankyou Nikki for the idea. SO, my home educating friends, care to join in showing the where-at-home?


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