Science ideas – The Body

thought perhaps we could look at ‘the body’

Session 1 and 2: heart



  • picture of circulation
  • blood pressure measurement
  • pulse rate measurements – rest and excercise
  • circulation – vein experiment to show flow
  • circulation – horrible heart – mostly just fun!
  • listening to the heart here
  • resuscitation – resusci annie

Session 3: lungs

  • peak flow
  • diagram of lungs
  • ask sarah about lung experiment [yep]
  • blow up balloons with max puff

section 4 CPR training

section 5 bones

  • x-ray of hand, count bones in it, look at where they are in xray, and surface anatomy. talk about structure and function of bones. draw own hand and x-rayset up bone experiment -
  • chicken drumstick bones in vinegar, leave for at least 2 weeks
  • homework experiment! 2 chicken eggs in vinegar overnight, then drop from progressive heights – should bounce up to a point!! then put one in water, and the other shell in air. the water one swells up, and the air one becomes harder again. what is happening?

session 6 digestion

  • old t shirts and felt cut into – oesophagus, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach small bowel, appendix. printable of where they are. kids glue them on – older ones perhaps cut out too? time dependent. or can label?
  • iodine solution to show starch in things
  • pepsin – if i can get hold of it!! to do protein ? as homework as better overnight

section 7 and 8: sight


  • model of eye
  • dissection of eye
  • picture of eye


  • pinhole camera
  • optical illusons
  • ?sight tests

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