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Week 36 ticksheets

Yes, I had a full on panic with sb as to whether we can achieve gcse this year! We are hoping for 2 good weeks if she wants to do Kentwell Michaelmas. BB was strong and steady – note her … Continue reading

Week 33 ticksheets

Due to blog and Flickr not talking there has been a ticksheet hiatus on the blog! Also the last 2 weeks have been ticksheet free, though education persisted!

Week 17 Ticksheets

This was a 4 day week, with Monday being a bank holiday. We thought we worked quite well. SB particularly wanted to point out that though she had less ticks, she did spend a lot longer on maths and music … Continue reading

Week 16 ticksheets

We didn’t do the ticksheets this week as holiday orchestra. However the girls did lots of music, crafts and games

Week 15 ticksheets

oh dear, appart from FrB’s they are REALLY blurry pics! might try and find and redo! FrB 27, SB 32, BB 20. Special events – grimes graves history trip, glass art masterclass.

week 14 ticksheets

week 13 ticksheets

Week 11 ticksheets

Somewhat late posting these up!

Week 10 ticksheet s

Not too bad for a first week back! And there was lots of out and about!

Preparing 3 girls ticksheet

Looking organised