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weeks 8 and 9 ticksheets 2014

They are absent! Week 8 SB returned, and although some bits and pieces might have been done, we declared it a holiday . [it was half term in southern England. Week 9 FrB arrived, so we declared that a holiday … Continue reading

Week 7 ticksheet 2014

Bb happily did the Collins spelling on her own. Must do piano with her!

weeks 51 and 52 ticksheet

bb did prob 15 things, mostly reading, crafts and piano. however nanna titied up and threw away the ticksheet so no photo! next week will be games, craft and laughter. some reading may happen but it is christmas!!!!

week 47 2013 ticksheet

unfortunately we lost this midweek, so there are some possible extra things that could go on it! [there are 16] But no documentation, no evidence [so they tell me at work anyway!] BB had quite a sociable week with cubs … Continue reading

Week 42 2013 ticksheet

This has been a good week for bookish stuff. Spurred on by a conquer Mathis certificate and seeing she was nearly at 20 we have done a couple more things at the weekend and she is now a proud owner … Continue reading

week 41 2013 ticksheet

hmm, a popping about week, and with both parents a bit under the weather, so the pressure off, therefore a rubbish formal work week

week 40 2013 ticksheet

a good week, bb is getting the grips of working. it isn’t much – 4 things prob is only an hour in the day – but it is the pattern of doing something! she is reading more, and not just … Continue reading

week 39 2013 ticksheet

so BB made 16 in the end [a fact dvd and lego got missed off] she printed off a certificate for her maths as she was v happy as she is finding in nice and easy. This is conquer maths … Continue reading

week 38 2013 ticksheet

A fairly good week. Fair beit of reading to herself factbooks and out loud to us. Also new activities – lots of excercise

week 37 2013 ticksheet

allthough superficially it looks pretty bare, it was a very out and about week. Monday spent at the science museum and natural history, so lots of facts – bb partic liked the bugs section this time. worth more than reading … Continue reading