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week 22 2013 ticksheets

SB has worked really hard this week. SHe has done a lot of music theory, and is now getting a merit in her practice papers. She has also done home ballet practice. some friends of ours suggested an app whcih … Continue reading

week 21 2013 ticksheets

bearing in mind that it was ‘half term’ and bank holiday, so only 3 ‘working’ days, i think we did ok. SB achieved 28 ticks – lots of music theory as grade 5 this term. BB only 11, but a … Continue reading

week 19 2013 ticksheets

SO I have very definately made sure i took pictures of them this week!! TADA Both have done well and will be raiding the book box. less music prac from BB as she really bashed her wrist, and SB only … Continue reading

week 17 2013 ticksheets

It has been a half and half week with activity and bookishness. daytime out and abouts to multisports, the conservation group [which takes out most of friday] and the usual clubs and stuff. BB has lost her ticksheet, but doesn’t … Continue reading

week 16 2013 ticksheets

This was a very good week for bookishness and ticksheeting, but not such an exciting week for going out and abouting, though we did have weds out at wodenswmeet, so not all chained to a desk . Boom or bust … Continue reading

week 15 2013 ticksheets

a very busy out week, tuesday an eglish interpreting art into poetry and prose session which SB loved, weds history and then multisports thurs and conservation friday meant sb not so busy bookwise, and the weekend away at guides. so … Continue reading

week 13 2013 ticksheets

i am doggedly putting these up so that i can reflect on good intentions and actuality!! it was the easter week, we had my parents here and my nephew and niece, we mostly crafted, played games and watched the odd … Continue reading

Week 12 2013 ticksheets

I should have week 9 and 10 somewhere tho week 10 we only ha 2 days at home but none for week 11 as a holiday week. So here is week 12 which was a 4 day week as Easter … Continue reading


SB timetable BB timetable ok, so this is a post in progress, just wanted to see if the links worked! After a couple of queries, i am popping our current form of ticksheet on the blog. These were my guilty … Continue reading

ticksheets what are we doing??

SB timetable SB Holiday Timetable BB timetable ok, the title to be said in a horrified tone! After a couple of queries, i am popping our current form of ticksheet on the blog. These were my guilty secret that i … Continue reading