Jax didn’t die………..

……from eating the cake. Big and Small sensibly declined! Me ‘n SB will eat anything if labelled cake!

Anyway, we nipped to see Jax – late as usual. How can it take so long to get out of the door?? Big and SB picked up where they had left off at Melrose and disappeared to play Mummies and Daddies. There was a brief contretemps over who was being Mummy after a while, and settled by them both being Mummies with babies. Small was a cutie, showing his new found jigsaw skills. BB mainly slept and fed [and was cuddled a lot by small]. Jax and I nattered, so a fun day out for all. Thankyou for having us.

Traffic back reasonably hideous, but worse in the other direction. SB fell asleep in car, so getting her to sleep now a bit problematical. She had a poor night sleep last night though, so really should drop off soon, as was exhausted.

Got back to find Chris excavating in the garage. It would make a good archaeological excercise for some willing home-edders. Actually could see some of the floor for the first time. Even better, he had some jacket potatoes on, so we got to have a scrummy eat.

It was quite a mountain of washing chris put away. However, I am sad that BB has grown so quickly that she just doesn’t seem a little baby. She is wearing clothes that SB wore when she was learning to walk, and it seems really odd. There’s a red cord dress which was one of my favs with SB, and I felt actually that I had lost something looking at it – maybe SB’s glorious early walking phase. hmm. Anyway, it does seem sad to be tidying away the 3-6 month clothes, as clothes over that age just don’t seem baby clothes to me. BB gorgeous though. Kicking in her play gym at the moment, with heavy herher sounds.

3 responses to “Jax didn’t die………..

  1. Lovely to see you – must do it again before you move! Will blog photos tomorrow.

  2. i look forward to it. we really enjoyed the day

  3. Cake nice. Thank you.

    Nice to meet you. Do come again!

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