Happy New Year

Merry, Max and the girls came over to share New Years Eve with us, which was lovely.

I gave the children a not quite cooked dinner, the girls have run around doing all that girly play stuff, parents have chatted, drunk (plenty of Baileys…). Butterbean saw in the New Year (she came to bed with the grownups at 2.45 am…) We initiated their girls into party poppers, Merry initiated BB into the delights of the DS. Joise entertained her parents in the middle of the night. We had panckaes for brunch.

We all had great time. Heres to spending time with good friends :-)


5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year, was looking at your flickr earlier. Looks like a perfect way to see in 2007 :)

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  3. Happy New Year :)

    Have tagged you with the Christmas meme that Sarah passed onto me – http://www.home-educate.me.uk/hemuk/?p=189

  4. Blimey, see how good i am. I can comment without even commenting!

    Thank you. Thank you for the lovely evening, the food, the drink, the company, the sleepless night ;) and for the spoiling of Amelie in a dairyfree fashion that you did just so adorably :)

  5. done it Alison. but only 3 baubles!! my tree is covered – like measles.
    I love both comments Merry, and loved even more having you and your family here.

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