Well, that was odd.

Main desktop has been showing the copy of  the blog on it’s new host since this morning. Laptop, was still seeing the old one, which Helen has just posted too – all sorted now though :-)

Reason was (I think) that they were using different name servers, I run Treewalk DNS on the main pc as our local server (from the days when the then ISP had dodgy DNS), but the laptop seemed to have lost the setting and was just using the automatic setting – the routers I think

4 responses to “Well, that was odd.

  1. i think he did it on purpose so that i would have to ask for his help!!

  2. I don’t need to do it on purpose, i’m quite able to mess things up by accident….

  3. and quite capable of talking in that tech-talk thing taht confuses most mere mortals…. Glad its all sorted now!

  4. Opendns is pretty good – refreshes quickly.

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