That ‘blog readability’ meme – all not what it seems….

It seem that that blog readability meme that has been doing the rounds over the last month is not quite what it seems.

Short version for those that don’t want to read the whole article: The ALT tags for the image contain text referring to a US loan site, which will have pushed them up the Goggle ratings.

Off to delete that post then.

3 responses to “That ‘blog readability’ meme – all not what it seems….

  1. I noticed that some of the memes recently have had blatant links, and I’ve removed those, but I never checked the alt text. :(

  2. I think that I actually removed the link on html all the way through – it was stuffed in the middle as well.

  3. Thanks for the info. I’d removed the link but the alt thingy is Greek to me — so it must have still been lurking. I’ve binned the post.

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