aha my hearties

we had a great weekend chez haricot. friends started arriving from friday. friday was spent busily making our house look habitable [i think we made a creditable effort!] some more baking [the delia chocolate bread pudding was a real treat – i microwaved choc, butter and sugar as have an aversion to bain maries, added the cream to the eggs and then the warmed stuff]

we painted the pirate ship and on the sat chris put it together – we were most proud!

jax and the nic and families arrived on friday and the fun started. we did jobs and drank wine and talked until way too late on the fri! but always nice.

so sat dawned and it was sunny – hooray. we were excited at everyone who attended. we all had a great time, which i think is best shown in pictures. i made the sangria slightly too potent, so had to lemonade it, having had to sit down for a bit after one glass. The kids enjoyed bashing 7 bells against each other using the lagging, clambering all over the pirate ship and general aarghhhing about.

michelle brought a pirate ducky game that they all enjoyed, and the waterpool was then v enjoyed by BB and minx, and the later on by all the bigger girls – they got rather wet!

more drinking and chatting by adults, and total wildness by children, but eventually all kids fell asleep, adults chatted on sofas and went to bed too late.

so today was a rather laid back affair, i was last up, gradually goodbyes and settling down. seems a shame to go back to work tomorrow!

11 responses to “aha my hearties

  1. We did enjoy ourselves very much. Didn’t really want to leave. Though being able to still be in bed at 11am today was evidence of the right decision having been made to return home!

    Thank you so much for a fabulous day.

  2. Thank you for wonderful hospitality and a fab party :) Totally hit all the buttons with sangria, pipe lagging and water for me, monster and minx respectively :).

  3. How did I miss knowing there was a party? I wondered what all the pirate references were on BK – and now I know all too late :( Not sure if we’d have made it, but we had a free weekend so we might have…would there have been room for us though?! Not even sure exactly where you live (only I do know it’s not Cape Canaveral!!) Maybe next year… I really must try to stay in the loop better!

  4. Forgot to say – Glad you all had a fantastic time – and that the weather was somewhat better than the last gathering! ;)

  5. D and S haven’t stopped talking about magic school bus. If I send you some discs is there any chance you can copy me some? Please :)

  6. Had a lovely time – thanks to all :)
    We would also very much appreciate knowing how to get hold of MSB please :)

  7. more thanks here, and I know what we forgot now….. the Elizabeth Swann Dress which was worn for precicely 2 nanoseconds when we first arrived…..

  8. oh, and another MSB request from us too!

  9. Ahh, that the Pirate of the Cairibbean one? Do you need it or can it wait until we meet up again?

  10. it can wait, she’s pretty much grown out of it, I’m fairly sure it’s meant to not be mid calf length! If Elinor wants to dress up in it I’m sure Aprilia won’t mind

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