science wednesday

well, latin and science anyway! we managed to get up and nearly there on time – the girls and i would have managed it, but chris stopped to buy apples at the orchard! latin kicked off with revision of what has gone before, as last term things got a bit rusty! at present latin etc is 4 family strong, and it has smallies, middlies and big’uns. the middlies did a quick bit of science on energy, where to find it, and what it might be whilst the big’uns did the latin. a fruity snack and a run about, and the groups swapped, so the big’uns did science and the middlies did french. SB is a big’un, and BB in a bit of a gap between being a smallie and a middlie, so a bit of a loose cannon really. she’ll be a middlie with me for science, and a smallie prob for french. maybe we can get something hands on and crafty going on that she will stick with too.

we did energy anyway. it seemed to work well. we did lots of investigating and looking at things, and the kids have their sheets to go home with and stick in a book! so the session 1 worked well. think session 2 will be even better – and must gradually shape that up!

plenty of nice food and lots of play before we set of with michelle and chloe for the monthly rspb walk.

we adults agreed that it was probably the least enjoyable walk we have done there, though SB with her revisionist history thought it had been great, and couldn’t remember that every single one of the children had had their stand off waily moments [BB>SB>C] poor bb’s trousers kept falling down, leading to 2 nasty falls when running. SB got herself into a wrong side of the bed kind of mood, and had to be gently cajoled into joining the living, at which point she got the wrong side of a bramble… but we kept on. us adults [well mostly me, and maybe michelle] were totally unimpressed when the 1.6km walk ended up not a nice circuit, or going anywhere, but at the road! humph. somehow, back at the carpark the girls all recovered their jollies and played really beautifully for an hour – prob the cause of revisionist history!

we came back, quick tea for SB before judo – which she does really enjoy, so that’s good. BB and I had a snuggle and watched ‘the snowman’ before her bedtime.

2 responses to “science wednesday

  1. is this a little home-ed co-op that you organise?

  2. sort of, yes. katy organised it

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