A great bank holiday weekend

we decided on a fairly spur of the moment basis to go to deepdale farm campsite on the north norfolk coast as the weather looked good, and we felt the need to crack open the tent cupboard! I love the north norfolk coast, and brancaster is one of my favourite beaches.

so we went after work on friday, the traffic was a bit stiff, so we made it for 8pm and did a quick pitch of the ridgipod [well, and hour for all up, set up and in, so i guess not THAT quick!] and a quick pasta tea. was a lovely clear warm evening and girls looked at moon and stars before settling to sleep. BB somewhat put out we hadn’t found room for telescope!

next morning we were up bright and early, and the girls played and had breakfast and we headed out to a bike shop. i have decided that i really have to face my fatness, and i hate diet, so should add some enjoyable exercise to my life. the girls and chris all love cycling, and i did too when younger and fitter, so here we come! I was v happy with the customer service there, help and advice and lack of sales pressure and just all round what i needed as a very fat bird hoping to actually fly! so i bought this one. i had a cycle on this one and really liked it, but he did suggest that [in the v nicest possible way] that i would be better off with a stronger frame!]

we then went down the road to hunstanton beach, stopping to buy icecreams on the way as girls were so good with a prolonged time in bike shop in heat [bless them!] was perfect beach weather. SB even swam in the sea [well, v briefly with wetsuit!] we looked at shells splashed, had lunch and just enjoyed ourselves until the sun went lower in the sky, the wind came up and tea beckoned! BB and SB cycled round the campsite and played with ‘campsite friends’ whilst i made curry for tea. the girls collapsed into bed 9-ish, and chris and i then stayed up till one playing my birthday game Race for the Galaxy which we really enjoyed, thanks everyone. def know how to play it now, and a perfect tent evening game!

yep, we beached again the next morning, to brancaster. the plan had been to bike there, and chris had bought a New 2009 Trail Gator Bicycle Tow Bar to attach bb too. but it was v blowy and rainy, so we played safe and took the car. this allowed us extra beach time anyway. it was VERY windy! I loved watching the kitesurfers – how cool is that! SB thought she would love a go when she is older. we flew our rather tamer kite!! so more beachy fun and the lunch.

After lunch we tootled off to little nanny’s, my aunt and family were there too. we had a lovely time, though was given a bit of a third degree about home-ed and safe and well checks :roll: They had all obviously had quite a chat on the disapproving side before we got there. girls oblivious though, and I don’t need the approval! however, that is a minor gripe, and i really enjoyed seeing them all. lots of cake eating, chatting and playing. bb in a bit of a grumpy mood but cheered up. little nanny looked well. all our presents for her birthday were up and about, and she was amazed i had made the fimo owls. Back in time to make ken hom for tea, get girls to bed and 2 more race for the galaxy games!

last day on monday. SB was really helpful taking down the tent, so we were all down in an hour, but another hour to actually wedge it all in the car! unfortunately i think all other campers had decided to take tent down and go to cafe too, so instead we went elsewhere and had a lovely soup [did have to take bb out, have a chat and then go back in!] and then after mooching about we went to holkham beach. not been there before [that i remember] and it is a LONG walk out to the sea! but some lovely dunes and and a geat blustery walk! and LOADS of shells. so a good end. unfortunately the icecream van had left the carpark and somewhat of a scream started. so we drove to holkham stately home and caught the icecreams there before cafe closed and then started off for home.

SO we had a totally fab time, playing together, the girls got on well, did some crafting, cuddling chatting and playing. just what i needed to relax! returned feeling def blessed by my family

9 responses to “A great bank holiday weekend

  1. glad to hear it was a good holiday. We are pondering bikes as well.

  2. sounds fab! Campsite looks good too, still not thinking about camping though.

  3. we are def doing a few more camping weekends this summer – mostly norfolk based due to simplicity! there is a campsite in wells that i fancy
    entirely based on location!!

  4. Violet huffed at one point, whilst on Barafundle beach in the sun, and asked *why* I hadn’t brought her wetsuit! Mainly because we had a rather busy week last week and didn’t have a moment to do any wetsuit trying-on and I have a feeling she may have grown out of hers, having worn it in 2007 *and* 2008 …. the more observant among you may have noticed that she has grown rather since then!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend :) Hope the boost hasn’t worn off yet xxx

    Wonder if we could find somewhere appealing enough inland that we could head towards each other for a camping rendezvous weekend sometime, rather than going in opposite directions in search of the sea!

  5. giggle at violet. i imagine she has grown out of it!
    boost is still present [amazing that!]
    and yes, should look for a midway inland interesting camp! [you're not interested at camping at wicksteed for FoH are you? or is it the same time as latitude/interactive, residential , multi-media art installation experience]

  6. Oh, no, week after Latitude this year. Hmm, dunno – Violet and Gwenny go off to Dorset with GB/BB on the Saturday morning. Will think.

  7. was wondering whether ppl were thinking about FoH again.

  8. Sound lovely. FAR too cold to camp here yet, its like winter. HESFES prob going to be first opportunity now

  9. What a fab weekend. Holkham used to be one of our favourites — moving far from Norfolk one of the worst things about coming to London, sob!

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