old haunts, new routes

it has been ages since we did an RSPB walk. the last one was cancelled due to various ailments, and the current one looked a bit iffy on the weather front. we thought we would give it a go though! we wrapped up v warm, took a flask of soup, and set off! miracle of miracles, the driving rain, biting winds and near sleet of it changed to sunshine! just in time for the manor borns to join us. it was perfect weather for a late autumn/early winter walk. the light was ‘just right’ and SB and C raced away whilst bb and i played hide and seek. its a ‘new route’ and i think we all thought it lovely. it did lead us to a previous infamous route, containing not only the most disappointing toad pond, but also the site of ‘brickie’ who is still there!! SB found some overwintering ladybirds in a fallen down tree, there were lots of mushrooms, some deer markings and just generally a lovely walk with lovely company. BB had a bit of a wail when she got her trousers wet :roll: but, bless her, she did recover from this, and she did walk the whole walk. so both girls got an icecream [yes, it was cold!]

we repaired back to the manor for another fab meal by marcus – we hadn’t got ourselves organised enough to remember a desert. C had made some delish focaccia bread as well, and many complements gained. good food, good company and then a retreat home. lovely!

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  1. It was such a fab day. After the morning being so wet, windy and migrainy, I am so pleased the afternoon was such the opposite! Lovely seeing you all as always. Xx

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