Guess I should have some Resolutions then?

1. be more organised – file away, sorting out, diarising etc etc.
2. exercise [yuk - nearly put more there, but whats the point, it is at all that's the issue - sigh]
3. continue the carpe diem policy!

1. be ‘job’ organised – sort conservatory papers, get tree surgeons sorted, quote for window painter [front windows friends, don't get excited!]
2. make house tidiable. think we should try and concentrate on one room a month, empty, clean [? repaint/refresh] and decide what storage needs before refill. [think this is a fail, maybe every other month?]

Home Ed
1. look for external opportunites and diarise!
2. be more proactive in laying the options available!
3. have fun!

One response to “Guess I should have some Resolutions then?

  1. My only resolution is to try to use my lovely new camera every day :)

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