Estimate, guesstimate!

i survived my first week back to work, more or less! there was the odd bit of lachrymal seepage, and not all discretely. girls did home ed type things. SB made a fab present for cousin E for her birthday [today] bless her, first birthday without her mum :cry: she apparently still had a great time. Perhaps birthdays are so exciting for children that they don’t do that if only thing.

today, to celebrate getting to the end of the week, i had a lie in. unfortunately i had an early awakening by an accidental phone call! never mind :lol: i did drop off again and got up later. SB keen to play a game with me, the girls had been playing various board games earlier. we played ‘coins’ [3 mens morris, without flying] and BB was intrigued and played it too. they both started to spot my trap! i loved it when BB lost to herself tho :lol: . I did like the way that BB sat there and tried to work out in advance what moves she could be making – another gamer in the making! some rabbit playing and sorting. the babies so cute still. we have homes for 2 [well, def one and pretty likely another] and the other 2 also so gorgeous that if no friends come forwards, sure that we will have an easy sell. fudge is def lop and also longer haired and v fluffy, dora is a really inquisitive one and white and grey. both really handled a lot!

Some recorder prac, mathletics and maths from SB and a tinsey winsey bit of music theory. i have suggested to SB that it would be nice if she read one of the easy fact books to BB once a week as one of her ticks, she and BB really really enjoyed reading Homes then and now together, and really lovely. :smile:

then we made cinder toffee – a bit like the honeycomb in a crunchy, but tasted more treacley. BB finished her zebra puppet whilst we did this. unfortunately she had a melt down as our thermometer determined we were at ‘hard crack’ and i only noticed when we got to ‘caramel’ so may account for the taste… SB took it in v good part though thank goodness! She also finished her spaceman puppet. hmm, from that linking i see there is a giraffe puppet, BB really likes the idea of one, and we were imagining customising a zebra one. BB painted some more of the yellow moon animals left from the party, and SB and I sorted out our toffee – which i think did work reasonably well. we would use white rather than muscovado sugar next time, and cook it for the right amount of time :roll: SB struggled with some maths after that, so will sit down when not late and look at that area. partly with estimation she reads this as a cue to take a number out of thin air – :roll: but actually i thought one of the problems was quite genuinely difficult for her to have to work out. so we did that together. i think knowing tables would help… BB meanwhile did some more craft! she has been absolutely desperate to do some more mosaic craft, so this, also from playmerrily [to your surprise!] went down really well.

We finished with watching a David Attenborough about the Ocean Deep which we all enjoyed. SO a good day all round. planning to cycle tomorrow. B-I-L and kids hopefully visiting next weekend

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  1. *choke* i am REALLY sorry about the phone call. Sleepy in charge of an iphone. I need lessons :D Maybe I should go on one of those course for people who speed :D

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