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this is just a really short post, because we are so happy with the maths that we use, that we have very few books of maths :)

As usual, please add in the comments any books you would recommend too.

edited to add – whilst writing this blog, i realised that was a fib! we have only one regular maths series we use, but loads of maths *books* :)

Singapore Maths – my Pals Are Here
we have used singapore maths right from the earlibird series [preK] we were influenced by sonlight, reading around, and a lot of mathsy literate people suggesting it was a very good way of learning and understanding maths, rather than just learning to answer. SB has always enjoyed it, so there was no pressure to try something else. She is halfway through the 4th level, and BB on 1A

Other ones
our nearest contestant for maths came along later – Maths Enhancement Programme [previously called Exeter maths] this is also highly rather by my mathsy friends, and when we have done a few of the sheets, SB has been happy. but she prefers her singapore, and we are happy with it too. If starting again, i might have looked at bit more closely at it.
Miquon. We did buy a couple of books of this, and really, we didn’t ‘get’ it. it just didn’t sing to me or SB, so it sits dusty on a shelf, waiting for me to have a resources bring and buy at our house – which i plan to do next spring.
I would like to perhaps get one of the practical applications maths books that several friends have, to see if that would be a fun maths to do

Fun additionals

we enjoy looking at some experiments in carol vorderman’s book – when we remember! and would like to remember that more. We have had some pattern books and cuisinaire rod books which have been quite enjoyable. Both girls have some taking out and about cheapy workbooks picked up when reduced to near nothing :) they like these.
we also use – occassionally! – mathletics

maths based stories.

I seem to have more maths resources than i thought :lol: and there I was thinking this would be one of my more minimal blogs!! We love reading in this family, snuggling on sofa together, or curled up individually so having some maths story books is not a surprise! We started with the Sir Cumference series – rather excellent – and branched out. SB enjoys partic Penrose and the mathematical cat. BB likes the ant ones…

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5 responses to “Resources Post – Maths

  1. Do you want to borrow some (I have 6 – one series – somewhere) of those Using Maths books? They’re in between my two and they might as well get used.

  2. if you are ok with that. think a bit easy for sb perhaps – at 4b?? but would be fun and different. thanks

  3. I always looked at singapore, but for some reason (I think cost prob) didn’t go with it. I’ve never really found a math curriculum we like, which may be why we’ve not made any great leaps with maths, or maybe it would be like that whatever.

    At the moment, we’re using GP junior Maths 1 and just dipping in different chapters. Tried MEP and didn’t like it much. Wish I could find the right thing, but cost can be so much.

    Was going to offer our zoo vet book to borrow since A so resistant *rolls eyes* but have been beaten to it ;)

  4. They say they are aimed at 8-12 Helen – don’t think they would be particularly challenging, but if she finds them interesting then it’s a “fact book” to tick off on her sheet! I’ll bring them so you can have a look at them anyway :)

  5. Ah I had in head first level earlier. Thanks alison

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