I didn’t blog yesterday

as I had too traumatic a day. I have put in the latinetc logo, as it went on, but i didn’t really contribute anything at all. In fact, rather dreadfully, it made perfect childcare. Latin went on, and SB did a lot of Skoldo French. not sure what BB did at all, if anything? she was happy enough though. SB did do piano prac

me, well i went for my mammogram. the first since my sister died from breast cancer in August, a month after her 39th birthday. It is my 4th mammogram now, and still stressy and awful. the radiographers always nice enough, but… And this time worst, as i sobbed before and after, for my sister and all that she and we have lost.

A quick run back to the deependers though, as needed to take SB to her second dental appointment of the week. time for a cup of tea and chat with lecielrouge and k as we all had a hasty lunch, before taking mine away. SB I needed to rush to the dentist, but they were running late anyway, ho hum! we watched lots of things on the plasma tv, mostly of teeth becoming manky and falling out – great :) but also the trailer of dawntreader which we plan to see :) . tooth was done by v nice dentist and although not quite as good as the first one, this was far harder to do, as less of it to start with, and at least we avoided having a root canal [so far] as the stuff the exeter man put on has done the job :) . no clarinet playing, recorder or biting for at least a month, and ideally for clarinets and firm bites like apples, for 3 :( mostly due to the wobblieness of the left tooth rather than for the fillings, as he is sure she will need them replaced off and on… as he said, you can’t wrap kids in cotton wool. he has also referred to an orthodontist. i made her, BB and daddybean a dental followup in jan :)

i got home, thinking to relax, but had a phone call from work that made me stressy and nervous about today, got imminent migraine, couldn’t relax etx etc.

today girls went to tots and nots, but piano exam book in my car :roll: and SB’s grade 1 piano exam today. so i came home at lunchtime to drop off. BB had loved the toilet roll santa chimney craft. After lunch a stressy aft at work, but moving on… SB enjoyed her piano exam, but the ‘trudging’ piece went ‘bananas’ which basically means totally awful. so who knows if she will pass, but she did it, enjoyed it and worked hard for it.

Oh, and she got a bronze certificate for her primary maths challenge, which pleased her, and will try for a silver next year :)

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  1. Sounds like an awful lot of stress for one day :( ((Helen)) – but SB avoiding root canal treatment is very good news indeed xx

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