A Soul Day

I haven’t really had enough of them in the last year or 2 due to one thing or another, and so today, a day off, i just chilled with the girls :) it was truly lovely. :) I had a lie in and woke up when their bath turned raucous ;) we then did home ed in the conservatory – did i tell you i love our conservatory :) – with BB starting with painting her fruit pot, and SB with galore park scienceĀ  [she has finished junior 2, tho we have the orrery to make] and singapore maths 4b and then a quick fill in the missing bits of her colins fun french and a science workbook [neither had much to do]. BB by now read to me a songbirds book level 2, did a bit of getty and dubay handwriting 2 and explode the code1. Sb finished with a great clarinet prac whilst BB bounced on the trampoline.

And then we had lunch ;)

In the afternoon [ok lunch was quite late, so we are talking 2-ish] SB made some vegan choc buns [using the recipe on le ciel rouge] and iced them yellow to take to brownies on weds for her last ever brownies. [she is growing up so fast - sob!] and then pricked out some of her seedlings, and has realised she has sown way too many! depending on how many survive the pricking out process , i might suggest growing them on in modules/pots and selling some on the drive for charity – perhaps the village library which is staffed by volunteers. Both girls did loads of bouncing on the trampoline :) and rabbit chasing.

P1140186 P1140102

Today I spent most of my time with SB, which was lovely. When I am at home, BB often clamours loudest for my attention, and SB is a daddys girl, so i have been known to feel sad that i can have a wobbly connection with my elder girl who i love v v dearly. Days like this remind me that actually we do have a great time together, and the worries are just me being silly wobbly :) . I also went to her open ballet session, which i loved watching. She concentrates now v well, and has great poise and attention. We went to the park briefly afterwards before coming home. I gave each girl a short piano lesson, but SB has a really nasty cut on her thumb joint which was putting her off, so dressed with germolene and a plaster and hope will improve.

Tomorrow they have a busy day, which may or may not get blogged ;)

I have loved this day at home, and really am at that point where i need to be working part time. my job is v fulfilling, but it is also incredibly demanding, and i just don’t have the emotional reserves at the moment. The girls are growing up fast and i want to enjoy this time as much as i can. but even if part time was approved, we would struggle to afford it. it is that old conundrum about whether it is better for family for me to work hard and bring in the money to make us worry free [tho goodness only knows how pay is going to be squeezed in the public sector, so may not be worry free] or for me to have this time with them, and instead we are money worried all the time. They already have one parent at home, so it is just greediness on my part. ho hum!!

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  1. Hope you don’t mind me asking how has SB found GP Jnr Science 2? Am thinking of skipping GP Jnr Science 1 and heading straight into book 2. Do you need the answer book for it. We don’t do enough science really so looking for a structured course to use with my nearly 9 year old dd.


  2. Sounds like a lovely day, Helen – sorry they are few and far between – I know the feeling! I’d also like to work part time I think, it might be an option to explore despite money worries here.

    Is SB going on to Guides? You are right, she is growing up way too fast!

  3. no answer book required. it is v easy scientifically. she has mostly been doing it for practice in answering questions [hidden english as it were!!]

    the three books all cover different topics, and i’m not sure that they get particularly harder, so not sure whether much point to skipping one. We only started them a year ago, and think that if done regularly and they are easy, that you could do 1 1/2 books easily in a year [as we will have done]. or alternatively just start on the next series up – so you really want to learn science. [which we will go to next] we elected to do both as she started 8-9 and i thought if we raced through, when we did the next series we were getting some revision in. I think the junior ones are more ‘fun’ in presentation as well.

    does that answer the question at all?

  4. It does sound like a very lovely day. Fancy you finding time to be in the conservatory ;) I can fully understand your wish to work part time. Even though both Jon and I work from home, I still wish there was less work needing to be done and more time for family. As for the financial worry your being part time might bring – obviously I don’t know your situation and wouldn’t presume to have an answer, but I would say that you get used to it. It takes a bit of a mind shift to manage on less, but I tend to think of these things this way: if you (the generic you, we, any of us) were suddenly forced by circumstances to manage under xyz conditions, manage you would and could – so doing it by choice should be a walk in the park. In theory, lol.

  5. Thanks that’s brill. I think I’ll start with book 1 then. We haven’t done much science as its the one I had the worst time at school with but I need to overcome my hate of the subject and not pass it on to my dd. I like the hidden english idea too.


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