we have got to the weekend again!

and again, it has whizzed past me at work. I blogged weds separately. A much less successful normals week, as a lot of shopping, out and abouting going on – nothing dramatically exciting tho! SB sat the primary maths challenge, so we will see how well she has done. BB has mostly been doing birthday lego :) but she has really enjoyed her lets draw ds game. They have, thanks to shopping, got some new wellies in the 40% off at millets, and various fleeces. I have bought a few things for xmas through amazon – v handy store that is! just have mum partial, dad partial – i need m and s for and sb’s main thing that dh is sorting, and the present aspect done.

Today, after some nit removal, we went to M-I-L for BB to have a birthday tea there. SHe loved the roasties for lunch – as did we all – and is desperate to get started with her crafty presents! I think I have mentioned i love djeco crafts before. I bought numerous of their sand crafts before – this – being a fav , and for bb, mil bought this one which she is v keen to get her hands on. Particularly as SB has been finishing her birds sand art that she got for her birthday.

This summer I bought my niece an adaption of the sandart kits – glitter art! and BB was a bit jealous, so luckily she got a set for her birthday. Merry is a friend of mine, so I always buy from playmerrily or craftmerrily, but the things she sells are so fab, that they don’t really need me to advertise them :)

After lunch and pressie opening, BB fell asleep!! and SB , nanna, DH and I played cluedo. A great afternoon with family before coming home – bb on the wii and sb catching up with some home ed [i am happy for flexibility with what we do, but she had kinda taken it too far!] Actually, talking about the wii, we have all played a lot of supermariobrothers on it, and mostly had fun!!

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