Christmas History

We had a great Christmas history day as a break from the usual history etc, and brought loads of fabulous crafts. It was a lovely convivial spirit and felt very Christmassy. We did a bring and share lunch, and had some hot spiced berry drink as well [to simulate mulled wine J ]

Starting with my craft ;) I bought red and green felt which I had cut into star shapes, various coloured embroidery threads, a bag of mixed jazzy buttons, and a bag of sewable bling ;) and some stuffing to make hanging decorations. We put them together however fancied and had a very jolly display. They worked really really well J I had forgotten [obviously] that I had bought something similar in mass numbers from baker ross – doh! I did have one lad tell me that boys don’t sew… so he definitely did, and it wasn’t as completely unenjoyable or difficult as he had thought!

Michelle brought oranges, red ribbons and cloves to make scented Xmas pomanders. These made the conservatory smell absolutely delightful! Lots of very intricate designs were done, and in the end I did one too J. SB spent hours on hers.

Zoe’s first craft of colouring in a matisse stained glass window en masse was done in bits and pieces through the day, and finished off by us and the manor borns in the evening, it looked really lovely.

Katy was dipping pinecones into candlewax to make firestarters. We haven’t used ours yet, but BB was particularly taken with this activity, so we do have rather a lot of them. Due to the number of guests over Christmas, we had our heating on to a hotter setting than usual [too hot for me!] so no fire. We did think afterwards we should have added some copper sulphate to the mix.

Merry brought some fimo J to make plaques with holly leaves and the word ‘joy’ on as a tutorial, and then optional penguins or snowflakes for those who wanted to do more. Many did. BB in particular does enjoy the clear instructions.

Gina brought some cross stitch bookmarks [with ones predone by her DH J ] and also provided Christmas music practice for those with woodwind instruments.

In the afternoon, most did Zoes fabulous wreaths, even better than before J my garden isn’t completely stripped of all greenery…

So a fantastic day. The manor borns stayed for a jacket potato supper – so unusual for them not to have to rush off so that was lovely J. Certainly got us in the christmass mood. Such a shame I still had work to go to!

hmm, my blog def seems to have forgotten how to add photos :(

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  1. Was lovely being able to stay :-)

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