even home educators have half term

particularly when they have a schooled niece and nephew coming to stay :) M and E have had a bit of a tough year so far, their dad has been away for 4 weeks in a 1 and 3 week block :( and i think it showed particularly with E, being v in need of lots of physical love nd attention.


anyway, getting ahead of myself :) woohoo for annual leave :) :) we started the weekend with bb wanting to do more oil painting, and sb sewing, so i got the paints out and bb painted a fab pic of dafodils and started a pic of a footballer. SB and i played lots of board games, and we all wii danced together [i even beat sb on some sections :) ]

my nephew and niece joined us early the next day and we settled down to the serious business of crafting. my niece now has a good anticipation of lots of different crafts and kits being available for her to do, and i hope i didnt disappoint. my goods are bought, as always, in part from playmerrily [ having nipped there i can see there are some fab arts kits about to come in! ], and cut with crafts from baker ross :) i think e did 4 or 5 things and was v happy :) m also did some crafts and we all had a lovely time in the lovely conservatory :)

monday we had planned to go swimming. unfortunately bb seemed to have developed some spots. some v suspiciously chickenpoxy spots. not many, so we thought we would see how it went in the day. it clearly went chickenpoxy, so swimming cancelled :( and therefore also any museum visiting and some friends visiting due to babies etc :( wah!! oh well, best laid plans! we therefore did way more crafts! we did lots of games, wii some running about in snow [the first weekend was still v frozen] and general high spiritedness. phew! tues was much the same, with added baking of cakes. tues i barely moved due to the migraine i had all week – grr!

weds was historyetc, which i will hope to blog separately! but it ha as a theme vikings and the battle of hastings.

by thurs, bb’s spots were starting to crust over, so we planned to end on a high note with swimming on friday if were all crusty and cinema on the sat. we were v relieved that by fri it was clear that she was all crusted over and pretty much better, and whats more, i could be more than horizantal, so swimming it was! great fun splashing about. bb and e competing for my attention ;) but great. we then went home and the kids did a masterchef for me. M did starter of pizza toast. he had made something similar at school, was v confident and did a great job, with me just putting under the grill for him. bb made roasties, from scratch yorkshires with peas, sausages and gravy. i very much assisted and scaffolded E to make meringue nests [which were brill] into which we put some chocolate icecream. it was a fab meal, and the kids loved all the planning, preparation and the delicious nature of it. amazingly happy :)

sat we went to see monster in paris together and v much loved the film, they spent their holiday money from my parents on sweeties and also the one pound machine pokemon goodies :) i loved monster in paris, and would recommend it to all. and it was a lovely way to come to the end of what had been a not stressfree week, keeping 4 kids cooped up in a house! luckilly we have lots of resources :) my b-i-l joined us, v chilled and relaxed and has sold his house. he is definitely moving on, and i was pleased that i could be pleased for his joy. moving on for me is never going to happen. but i don’t want him or the kids to be trapped by the loss in the past, although it clearly affects them still. he is v happy with his new love, and i just really really hope it works out for all of them.

unfortunately, sb managed to fall and hurt her weak foot, necessitating a trip to a and e :( and we were therefore unable to meet our date with the manor borns for a beautiful walk in the rspb woods on a beautiful day :( :( but did join them for a lovely meal and chat :)

4 responses to “even home educators have half term

  1. Was very sorry to miss you all – we had been looking forward to a catch up. Are you sure that it was bb who made roasties?

  2. ah no! sb :) wil catch up shortly tho, hopefully :)

  3. More hugs for the tricky moving on business. Hard for everyone xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Huge hugs xx

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