There on the Stairs


SB is out at Ballet class, and BB is doing one of the things she likes best -  pottering around and playing. Yoshi, Terry and the recently purchased Dragon are on the stairs. I’ve no idea what the game is about, there are a bunch of Lego  people up the top.

Later I will probably be annoyed that she has left them on the stairs ;-)

Right now, I’m going to pause, take a snap and enjoy listening to her game for a couple of minutes, and treasure the moment, for those who aren’t here to have such moments themselves anymore.

It will be  ‘Jesse’s Song’ time before you know it.

2 responses to “There on the Stairs

  1. Aw :-) I love seeing Buttercup similarly engrossed :-)

  2. That’s a lovely post Chris, I’m sorry I missed it at the time.

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