Kentwell Tudor Reenactment – the start of the process!

Kentwell costuming – The preamble

This post was originally written in Sept 2011, but i am rewriting it as now about to start kentwell, so will make it ‘public’ and it may well help others planning for the process, or any other renenctment

Eek! we have decided to apply to become Tudors next year at the grand re-enactment at Kentwell Hall . Various reasons. Firstly educational – the girls will be approaching tudors in our story of the world chronological history at that time, and it will certainly add another dimension to their history knowledge. Tudor life itself is not so different to that in the earlier mediaeval times, particularly for the general workers – which we shall be :) Secondly, we think we will enjoy it. Well, I hope so! We went to the Michaelmas fair yesterday and the girls were v enthusiastic about joining in, even BB, as long as she can be with me.

So… currently BB fancies dairy [so that will be my first choice too then, luckilly should be fine!] and we have agreed alternatives of dyeing station and cotte.

SB most loved the still room, but i think she has to be older, and also liked weaving the corn dollies, so maybe basket weaving. she also would be happy with chopping and preparing food, so cotte there would be ok. may look for a wooden recorder that although not period might slip in as ok.

DH thinks he would be suited to an alchemist. Not sure how many openings for that!!

The big issue is costume making, and for that I will be following the tudor costume page fairly slavishly and begging advise from k at deependers and nearer the time costume elves!! [hoping to not only be accepted then, but pass the nod by the costume elves - scary :) ]

other useful books

In the end, BB and I are in the cotte, SB went for a first choice as a peddlar, and DH is a woodsman

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